7 DIY Tips For Making That First Music Sale

November 1, 2015

By Dwight Brown

Your music is being distributed independently.  

You want to get it heard and sold.  Now what?

The process for selling music isn’t an exact science. But, if you follow these 7TIPS you stand a great chance of methodically making that first sale. And once you’ve done that, you can build on it until your music is being downloaded and streamed everywhere.

1. Encourage friends, family and colleagues to buy your music.

Buying starts at home, work, and school. Personally talk to, call, text and email the people close to you and encourage them to: 

  • Download your music and/or add it to their playlists.  
  • Get excited about your new release and its release date.
  • Check out the stores that carry your music.
  • Recommend your music to their friends.

2. Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & Tumblr to spread the word.

  • Post the name of your new music and release date.
  • Tell fans why they’ll love your new songs. Hype them!
  • Tell fans which digital stores have your music.

3. Promote your release based on honest fan feedback.

  • Ask friends and family what they like best about your music and use that information in your promotions.
  • Encourage fans who buy your music on iTunes or Amazon to write a review and share their feedback.

4. Use the convenient Apple iTunes Link to promote your release.

  • The quickest, easiest and most direct way to get a sale is to share an Apple iTunes Link. 
  • Share it personally or on social media.
  • Post the link everywhere you can.  Don’t be shy!

5. Stream music, get discovered by fans and make more money.

  • Use Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Rdio and other such services to get your music streamed. 
  • Streaming is the way music fans discover new songs.
  • Streaming generates revenue over and over again.

6. Put your music on YouTube.

7. Use Daily Trend Reports to make smart business decisions.

  • Discover what city or country merits a tour date. 
  • Find out if a social media blitz helped music sales. 
  • Based on sales data, decide which track deserves a video.

Follow these 7TIPS. Be relentless. When you sell that first single, EP or album, don’t forget that inspiring feeling.  It will keep you motivated.

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