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Happy New Year, y’all! And yes, we can still say that only four days into 2017. In fact we’re willing to bet some of the most annoying folks in your everyday life will be saying into the third week of January. Don’t let that get you down, though. Pull your head out of the cloudiness of a Wednesday afternoon and distract yourself with these awesome music videos from our dedicated TuneCore Artist community:


Saint JHN, “Roses”

Fourth, “Rather Be Us (feat. Sakai 900)”

Birdtalker, “Graveclothes”

Setentia, “Beyond Myopic Blame”

Ghost Loft, “Overflow”

Up In the Sky, “Jaymay”

Imaginary Future, “Forever On Your Side (feat. Kina Grannis)”

Freedom Fry, “Linger (Cranberries Cover)”

Paerish, “Party’s Over, Biff”

The Menstruators, “Dead Glitter”


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