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Wednesday Video Diversion: April 25, 2018

April 25, 2018

Happy Wednesday once more, folks. Right on time, we’re back to serve up some TuneCore Artist music videos that are sure to totally distract you from whatever productive thing you were doing way back when you first started reading this very sentence. On a totally unrelated note, would you believe that 18 years ago on this day, Jimi Hendrix’s famous Fender Stratocaster seen being played in his Woodstock performance went for a whopping $295,000 at an auction?! Pretty unbelievable considering those were 1990 dollars, but hey, here’s to collectors!


Tommy Chayne, “Where Ya At?! (feat. Cypress Spring)”

The Wealthy West, “Wild Eyes”

Becca Mancari, “Golden”

MARGOT, “Fables”

Donovan Keith, “Cruel Fools Eye”

Betablock3r, “Make You Happy”

Yella Beezy, “That’s On Me”

Lil AK, “Blues Clues”

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