At TuneCore, our biggest priorities are helping independent artists get their music online and making sure that they keep 100% of the sales revenue owed to them. Part of that includes keeping our privacy and security practices up to speed in an always-evolving digital space so that our artists stay protected. We value our artist community and want to make sure their TuneCore accounts are secure, which is why we’re introducing the opportunity to opt into what’s known as “Two-Factor Authentication”.


Two-Factor Authentication is becoming a relatively mainstream security measure online – whether it’s your email client or your favorite food delivery app, brands want to ensure that their users are the only ones who can sign into their respective accounts at any given time.


The process essentially adds an extra step in the login process that gives users the chance to confirm to the platform (in this case, your TuneCore Dashboard) that it is in fact you signing in, and it does so by simply sending them a code to enter in order to verify that.


TuneCore Artists who take advantage of Two-Factor Authentication will have the option of receiving verification codes via text or phone call.


Before we explain our new process further, let’s be clear: Two-Factor Authentication is completely optional for TuneCore artists, and our introducing it is not the result of a hack or data breach. We’re simply taking steps to give our community new options when it comes to keeping their accounts secure.


If you’re interested in taking new measures to keep your account and funds safe, read on for instructions.


Keep in mind that after setting up Two-Factor Authentication, you’ll be sent a verification code to use alongside your standard password when you sign into your TuneCore account or change any sensitive information.


First, log in to your TuneCore account – once in your Dashboard, head over to “Account Settings”. There, you’ll see the option to enable Two-Factor Authentication, and you can click “Get Started”.


Next, you’ll be prompted to do the following:

1. Enter the email address and password associated with your TuneCore account;

2. Enter your country and phone number;

3. Select which mode of communication you’d prefer for verification codes:

a.Text Message

b. Phone Call


Once you’ve chosen your preferred method of receiving codes, TuneCore will send you your first code to enter. If all goes well, you’re account will officially be set up with Two-Factor Authentication! Congrats – you’ve officially taken steps to make sure your TuneCore account is safer.


As always, if you have further questions about Two-Factor Authentication, please reach out to our stellar Artist Support team here.


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