May Industry Wrap-Up

May 31, 2018

YouTube: New Charts, ‘Artist On The Rise’, Music Credits

Even besides the launch of their new steaming service, YouTube Music, the video streaming platform had a busy month.

We’ve always known YouTube to be a place where small-time artists and personalities can become viral superstars overnight, drawing many eyes from social media posts and word-of-mouth. But now users who love finding new music on YouTube can find an ‘improved’ Trending Chart that ranks top songs, videos and artists which will be updated multiple times per day. The charts will be using a measurement system that “de-prioritizes tracks that have been around for awhile, to ensure the top of the chart is not blogged up by music videos that have accumulated billions of lifetime views”. It should be interesting to see how it helps independent artists who gain momentum on YouTube get more eyes and ears on their music – read an interview with YouTube’s Candice Morrisey for more info here.

Speaking of independent artists on YouTube, the latter has introduced  a new “Artist On The Rise” program, choosing each month to highlight emerging artists (a la Deezer’s ‘NEXT’ or Spotify’s ‘RISING’). The program will “promote a diverse lineup of music’s most important new voices across all genres, connecting them with fans worldwide through in-product promotion and programming, out-of-home, social and fan events at YouTube Spaces.” Keep an eye out for more details on pitching for consideration from YouTube!

Finally, YouTube has also launched a feature that will offer artist, songwriter, label and publisher credits for official music videos, user-generated content, and fan-uploaded content. Videos of this sort that feature music will include a list of credits under ‘Music In This Video’ (which can be found when users click ‘Show More’ in the video’s description). This is a big step toward attributing credit to rightsholders at a time when YouTube has been on the hot-seat in regard to copyright issues.  The move is being praised by professionals and artists from all sectors of the industry, and it relies on the YouTube Content ID system to function. Good news for you TuneCore Artists: you can take advantage of not only monetizing your songs on YouTube but participation in the Content ID system overall when you sign up for YouTube Sound Recording, our revenue collection artist service.

Spotify Invites Artists to Check Out “The Game Plan”

We regularly try to report on new updates from our digital store partners that empower artists to get the most out of the platforms that they distribute to via TuneCore. One of those examples is Spotify For Artists, Spotify’s platform that allows artists to edit their profiles, highlight tracks, and more. This month, Spotify introduced us to “The Game Plan”, a new video series that guides artists through the Spotify experience – like getting your music on the platform (ahem), building your artist profile, understanding your audience, reading your data, and promoting your music.

The overall idea is to introduce artists to not only Spotify as a service, but to the concept of music streaming in general. The series is 10 episodes in total and features artists including Verite, Teflon Don, Rick Ross, and Little Dragon.

If you’re new to the platform, haven’t taken action on your artist profile, or just want to know more, head over to Spotify For Artists and get yourself ahead of the curve!

Pandora Gets Into the Playlist Game

You already know the power of streaming playlists: whether it’s on Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, Apple Music or Soundcloud, if there’s a following, you want your music on it. With the rise of playlists popularity comes the challenges of pitching to curators, standing out in the crowd, and landing your latest single on the ones you want. We’ve provided plenty of tips not only for pitching but for considering smaller outlets, and it’s likely the landscape will continue to evolve.

Pandora, one of TuneCore’s digital partners, is already a go-to for lovers of digital radio – it’s perfect for not only getting a mix of your favorite genre or ‘sound alike’ artists without needing to do a thing, but also for discovering new artists (like the ones that use TuneCore and have their music selected by curators at Pandora!). Now, Pandora is kicking it up a notch after rolling out personalized playlists for Premium users. The playlists will be based on users tastes/mood, but will also “blend in selections from their proprietary Music Genome and curation team.”

With over 75 machine learning algorithms in action, Pandora is really looking to keep listeners in lock step with new artists and songs that suit their tastes and lifestyle. While TuneCore Artists who submit to Pandora are not guaranteed selection on the service (as it’s a curated service), this roll-out certainly seems like a new opportunity to catch some new fans for those that do. We’re looking forward to seeing artists build their bases via Pandora like never before!


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