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Another week, another Wednesday. If you’re staring a screen right now, it’s likely that those eyelids are increasing in weight. That’s why we’re back to offer up some sweet TuneCore Artist music videos for your viewing pleasure! Additionally, we find ourselves on June 20th, which happens to be a pop music powerhouse of birthdays: Anne Murray, Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) and Lionel Richie all share one today! Talk about a trifecta. Let us tip our caps to a few greats and enjoy some music videos:

Marc Scibilia, “Summer Clothes”

Rench, “Mugshot”

The Stolen, “I’m So Dead”

Allman Brown, “Sweetest Thing”

Melo Makes Music, “Sleepless (feat. Taylor Bennett)”

Jessie Clement, “Something Different”

Johnnie Guilbert, “Afraid”

Jor’dan Armstrong, “So Much Luv/Count It”

Brick + Mortar, “All Alone”

Sha’Leah Nikole, “Lost One”


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