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Happy Wednesday, y’all. We’re back with another attempt to lift spirits, introduce you to new music, and generally distract you from the usual boring Wednesday tasks. We’re also celebrating the 53rd anniversary of the Rolling Stones dropping their single “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” in the U.S. But if you were a cool, late-sixties teen in the States at that time, you better have been tuned into pirate radio stations, because most commercial stations thought this song was just. too. sexual. Reflect on that for a moment.

Reece Wiltshire-Fessey, “Next To You”

Jessica Lynn, “Crazy Idea”

Elise Davis, “The Token”

Roanoke, “Silent Films”

Ursula, “Down With Me”

Canyon City, “Find You”

Sons of Bill, “Santa Ana Winds”

SHEL, “Enter Sandman”

Alfred Jackson, “Falling 4 You”


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