Introducing: Facebook Monetization for TuneCore Artists

July 18, 2018

Today, we’re excited to announce a service offering unique to TuneCore Artists: Facebook Monetization. The idea behind this service is to ensure that you get paid for allowing Facebook and Instagram to use your music across their platforms.

Facebook Monetization is 100% free for TuneCore Artists – simply head to your dashboard, sign-up, and select the eligible tracks that you’ve distributed. From there, we will send your music to Facebook, and any earnings will be paid directly to your TuneCore account.

Over a decade ago, Facebook launched its platform as one that would end up changing not only the world of social media, but the world at large. As it evolved, the newsfeed eventually became a key part of most independent artists’ marketing mix as an almost unavoidable method of engaging with fans – whether it’s announcing new music or sharing a whole slew of tour dates.

Of course between promoting streams, downloads, merch sales and tickets, Facebook has always given artists of any genre the opportunity to not only build a fanbase, but also make money with their music. With Facebook Monetization, Facebook and Instagram users (your fans, in most cases) can search for and find your music through Audio Library features and use it to create and share personal moments on the Facebook and Instagram platforms.

We like to think of this as a look toward the future: As Facebook continues to explore new avenues and introduce awesome products and features, TuneCore Artists can consider themselves ‘ahead of the curve’ by granting permission for their music to be used, ensuring revenue collection will be cinch when all is said and done.

Consider this as an opportunity to encourage your fans to share your music on Facebook even further! With permission granted and your songs submitted, you get peace of mind around the use of your music and earning potential – so why not use it as an excuse to get fans sharing? After all, Facebook has always been a place of discovery and is continually innovating to make that sharing easier for artists.

If you’ve already been distributing music through TuneCore, head over to your account, sign up and start collecting money from Facebook today.

Click here to learn more about our new Facebook Monetization service, and of course if you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our all-star Artist Support team.

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