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Today, we’re excited to announce that TuneCore has partnered with TouchTunes and PlayNetwork – two curated platforms that are welcoming submission considerations from independent artists of all stripes. Now when you distribute your next release, you’ll see the option to send your music to these two services.

TouchTunes is the largest in-venue interactive music and entertainment platform featured in more than 75,000 bars and restaurants across North America and Europe.

TouchTunes is mostly known for its jukeboxes that not only allow patrons in bars and restaurants to play their favorite songs in the traditional manner, but also an app – for a more interactive experience – that boasts over one million active monthly users.

PlayNetwork is a leading provider of non-interactive branded music curation and strategic marketing for retail, restaurants and hospitality industries, providing in-store music for 400+ brands, with more than 150,000 locations worldwide.

That means when you submit for consideration to be included in PlayNetwork’s library, your music could potentially be reaching new listeners while they’re out shopping, eating and drinking, or checking into their hotel. With the amount of music fans walking around saving new music they hear while out in the world, we think that’s pretty cool.

Whether you’ve been onboard with TuneCore since day one or you just signed up, there’s no denying that when you distribute your music with us, you’re getting it out to the most amount of digital stores and streaming partners worldwide in one click. With this announcement, we’re proud to say that mission continues.

Between TouchTunes and PlayNetwork, you’re looking at:

  • 185,000 TouchTunes & PlayNetwork locations
  • 100 million daily listeners and consumers
  • 127+ countries around the world
  • 450+ brands

Much like Pandora, TouchTunes and PlayNetwork are curated services. This means while any and all TuneCore artists can submit their music, we cannot guarantee that your releases will be accepted onto these platforms.

If you’ve already distributed via TuneCore and would like to submit your songs for consideration on TouchTunes and PlayNetwork, you can head to your dashboard’s Store Manager. As always, if you signed up for TuneCore’s “Store Automator”, your releases have already been sent to TouchTunes and PlayNetwork for consideration.

We’re stoked to be partnering with such wide-reaching services like TouchTunes and PlayNetwork because like us, they’re aware of the value of independent music and discoverability.

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