November Industry Wrap-Up

November 29, 2018

By Kevin Cornell

Another month is coming to a close, and TuneCore is here to fill all you independent artists in on some of the headlines you may have missed.

Whether it’s music streaming, publishing, product updates, studies and reports, or op-eds, we’re rounding up some music industry must-reads for all of you looking to stay in touch with the business and advance a career!

Boomplay Music Grows to Be One of Africa’s Largest Streaming Services
With 17 million active users and growing licensing partnerships, Boomplay is becoming one of the largest streaming services in the world. They’re doing it by way of cell phone provider, and it’s a market all TuneCore Artists should get familiar with! Read more here.


Spotify Expands to Middle East & North Africa
Having launched in Israel this past Spring, Spotify turned more heads in November as it announced the launch of its services availability across 13 countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). If you’re distributing to Spotify, this expansion matters! Read more here.


A Deeper Dive Into U.S. Digital Music Listeners
eMarketer has been exploring digital trends across the globe, and in November, the firm covered Spotify and Pandora users. You’d be surprised – or perhaps totally unsurprised – by some of their findings, including the 20.8% of internet users streaming tunes on Spotify alone! Read more here.


Digital Music Survey Shows YouTube Ahead in Nordic Countries
In a massive report conducted by Nordic PRO’s Koda, Teosto and Tono, digital music consumption across Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden showed that 74% of nationals had used YouTube, versus 54% for Spotify. MusicAlly does a wonderful job of breaking down other findings in the report, and it’s worth a look. Read more here.


YouTube’s “Up Next” Feature Yields Impressive Results Among Music Videos
Would you have guessed that 15% of YouTube users are regularly susceptible to recommended videos once the one they’re viewing has ended? While this might be easy to gloss over, it’s important for indie artists uploading videos to consider the ‘discoverability’ factor within these habits. Read more here.


Morgan Stanley Predicts 164MM Apple Music Subscribers By 2023
In a financial report published by Morgan Stanley, things are looking up, up, up for Apple Music in the coming five years. While most artists using TuneCore include Apple Music in their distribution strategies, this news should serve as a reminder for where it should live in their marketing strategies. Read more here.


One Thing Millenials Haven’t Killed Yet: Live Events
According to ticketing giant Live Nation’s recent earnings reports, concerts aren’t going anywhere! With $3.8 billion in revenue coming out of last quarter, this is TuneCore’s reminder to all artists: get out there and gig! Read more here.


Another Reason to Use Instagram Stories To Promote Your Music
We’ve talked about the marketing prowess of Instagram and the features they offer at length here on the TuneCore Blog. More good news came this month for artists using the app with a little bit of an ad budget: Promote via video Stories! TechCrunch has the skinny on what could be your next ad play. Read more here.

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