TuneCore Announces New Distribution Features

December 18, 2018

What’s the old expression…”If ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? Yeah, well, we’re not really into that here at TuneCore.

Today we’re announcing some cool new features that we’ve added to TuneCore’s digital distribution process that we’re sure our artist community will dig!

Apple ID Mapping

This ever happen to you? You’re excited to release a brand new single, EP or album. You’ve gone through the distribution process via TuneCore. You’ve got your fans excited about the release date on social media. The big day finally comes, you eagerly head to Apple Music to find the URLs for sharing with everyone and BAM – your new release was listed under a new or incorrect artist profile.

Fear no longer, artists – TuneCore has added a field to include your existing Apple ID information ahead of your release date, ensuring there won’t be any mismatching going down and you’ll be as ready as ever to start sharing links.

To obtain these links, open up Apple Music or iTunes and head to your artist profile. By right clicking on your artist name, you should be able to copy the URL. Head back to your TuneCore dashboard and paste into those fields, and boom – you’re set up for success.


Missing the old days of album liner notes? Or maybe you just want to make sure everyone from the engineer and producer to the songwriter and 12-string guitarist gets credit for whatever they contributed to your latest release?

Either way, TuneCore’s new options for including contributors will help you out with that. As you’ll see below, there’s a ton of instrumentation and technical roles that you can assign to people involved with the release. It should be mentioned that at the moment, this information will only be available in the stores and streaming platforms that support it. This opportunity is entirely optional, of course, but the key caveat is every artist must list at least one songwriter. This will be a requirement for you to continue the distribution process.


Adding your song lyrics to Apple Music and iTunes is another cool new opportunity artists will have when distributing their releases with TuneCore. When you’re uploading each song and selecting your contributors/roles, you’ll find a field to copy and paste lyrics:

If you’ve got any questions about these new features, hit up our Knowledge Base or get in touch with our Artist Support team here. Stay tuned for more product updates from TuneCore. Until then, happy distributing!

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