Wednesday Video Diversion: December 5, 2018

December 5, 2018

Happy Wednesday! As we prepare to present you with an all new round-up of wonderful TuneCore Artist music videos, we also reflect on the anniversary of The Jesus and Mary Chain being banned from a U.S. television appearance before they even got to shoot it! The band, (one of Scotland’s finest, in this editor’s opinion), garnered complaints of blasphemy on this day in 1987 when their name flashed across TV screens, and refused to go on as “JAMC”.

Rise and Run, “Fantasy & Fiction”

Mikeybucks, “Tragedy”

The Dove & The Wolf, “The Smell of Us”

Moves, “Same Thing”

The Rocketboys, “Go Ahead”

Lowland Hum, “Salzburg Summer”

Modern Monet, “Blonde Horse”

Katie Herzig, “Beat Of Your Own”

Brennon Cole, “Go Harder”

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