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Another week, another Wednesday…and perhaps for some of you, another midweek lull. We’re back with another round up of TuneCore Artist music videos to spice things up! Fun fact: it was on this day back in1956 that police in Cleveland, Ohio brought forth an old law from the ’30s that prohibited anyone under the age of 18 from DANCING! While it didn’t last long, it’s a fun reminder that rocking out wasn’t always easy – so don’t take it for granted. Dance your way through these videos like no cops are watching!


MILKK, “Thinkin Bout U”

Diverse Character, “Fortnite”

By The Coast, “Ghost”

Jared & the Mill, “Break In the Ether”

Sister Hazel, “You Won’t See Me Again”

Andrea Von Kampen, “Portland”

The Color, “Let It Be Love”

Chase$tacks, “Back At It”

Beyond the Sun, “Little Kingdom”

Ray Scott, “Ain’t Always Thirsty”


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