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Happy Wednesday once again! We’re back at it with another round up of audio-visual stimulation from a diverse array of TuneCore Artists in order to pick you up from a midweek slump. Today marks the anniversary of Don Felder being fired as guitarist for the mega rock band The Eagles! He attempted to sue for wrongful termination, but was then counter-sued for attempted defamation (via a tell-all book, juicy!). Don and the boys settled out of court. The most interesting part of this weird music history footnote? It only happened 18 years ago! That’s right – this drama unfolded in 2001, decades after the band’s heyday. It’d be like getting divorced after your second child’s college graduation, right? Here’s to staying together for the kids!

Michael W. Smith, “Sky Spills Over”

David Fuller, “Take Me Away”

David Huckfelt, “You Get Got”

Jadea Kelly, “Beauty”

Kane Miller, “Coral Reefs and Morning Dew”

Phillip Larue, “Chasing the Daylight”

Paige Keiner, “Sip”

The Fantazmics, “Falling”

Worn Tin, “Doug”

Kyle Daniel, “Hangover Town”


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