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Whatdoya know – it’s Wednesday again! We’re back serving up a new selection of TuneCore Artist music videos to not only remind you of the immense talent lurking within our independent community, but also to provide you with a little midday entertainment! Plus you know what March 13 is, right? Why it’s the day back in 1965 that Eric Clapton announced he was quitting The Yardbirds – desiring more of a blues-focused music career within a group that was heading in another direction. What was this guy thinking?! A year later he’d help form Cream, and eventually, he’d be Eric Clapton for the rest of his career. Total rock and roll blunder if you ask us.

Big Daddy Swolls, “Summertime”

Mike Liebo, “I See Love”

By The Coast, “Ghost”

SVRCINA, “Insecure”

Sara Evans, “Marquee Sign”

LUTHI, “Analog”

Erik Koskinen, “Broke Down”

Myles Erlick, “Serious”


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