Wednesday Video Diversion: March 20, 2019

March 20, 2019

Another week, another Wednesday. With that comes another premium selection of TuneCore Artist music videos! And what would Wednesday be without some weird music history? On this day back in 1980, a gentleman held up Asylum Records’ New York City offices  DEMANDING to speak to Jackson Browne or members of the Eagles. Your first thought would be: “….so they could hear his demo, right?” Nope! He needed financing for a trucking operation. Thankfully he was understanding of both artists being out of the office at the moment, and no one was hurt.

Jetty Rae, “Climbing Clouds”

Kane Miller, “Coral Reefs and Morning Dew”

Dwayne Shivers, “Southern Breeze (Acoustic)”

Sophia Annello, “Runaway”

Jadea Kelly, “Beauty”

Cheech Bundy, “This is 4”

As Strange As Angels, “Mirror Mirror”

Kelsey Kopecky, “Status Update”

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