Wednesday Video Diversion: March 27, 2019

March 27, 2019

Happy Wednesday once again folks! We’re bringing the best from the TuneCore Artist community when it comes to sweet music videos, and we invite you to totally slack off and watch them. If not for us, for the artists. If not even for the artists, maybe for Donnie Wahlberg. Why Donnie Wahlberg, you ask? Because on this day in 1991 the New Kid On the Block got picked up by the cops for lighting his hotel room carpet on fire! Don’t let anyone tell you NKOTB weren’t punk rock. (Also in a weird turn of events, Donnie Wahlberg went on to play a cop on TV!)

Mary Bragg, “Wildfire”

JJ Heller, “I Get To Be The One”

Sophie Beem, “Skyline”

Whissell, “Get Free”

The Greeting Committee, “Hands Down”

MYZICA, “Wait Just a Minute”

The Gray Havens, “Band of Gold”

Von Sell, “I Insist”

Cade Thompson, “Treasures”

LIEZA, “Don’t Make Me Dance”

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