New Store Alert: Break Into the Korean Music Market with Music Island

May 29, 2019

TuneCore is excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Music Island to get your releases on six digital music stores/streaming platforms throughout the Asian market.

Everyone knows one of the biggest advantages indie artists have when distributing their music digitally with TuneCore is reach. With over 150 stores across the globe, TuneCore gives artists the opportunity to reach new fan bases in countries they’ve never trekked to (yet!). As music streaming and digital consumption continues to grow in new territories, we’re always on the lookout for new avenues of distribution.

Last year, the South Korean music market grew overall by 17.9%. When artists upload and distribute their music to Music Island, their releases will be discoverable by fans and subscribers in this growing territory.

As an aggregate media company, Music Island gets your music on the following services:

  1. Melon (Kakao-M): South Korea’s largest music subscription service with approximately 4.78 million subscribers and 30 million tracks in its library. Users can stream and download music through web-based players as well as mobile applications. The  platform can be linked with KakaoTalk, the most popular messaging platform in the region.
  2. Bugs (NHN Bugs): Music subscription service – with over 900,000 subscribers – securing the largest amount of high-resolution tracks as well as the largest library of tracks of over 40 million in South Korea.
  3. VIBE (Naver Music): Music subscription service operated by South Korean internet giant Naver Corporation, which is also the operator of global mobile messenger LINE. Users can stream and download music through web-based players (Naver Music) as well as mobile application (VIBE).
  4. Soribada: Music subscription service that offers streaming and downloads as well as an automated music recommendation service that tracks listening patterns and creates algorithms to suggest users with tracks that they might like.
  5. Genie Music (KT): Music subscription service, with great connection with mobile carriers and conglomerates, offering its 2.2 million users streaming and downloads of its library of 15 million tracks. Its new music identification service “Genius” allows easy and accurate identification of songs.
  6. FLO (Dreamus Co.): Mobile music subscription service under one of the biggest South Korean mobile carrier SKT.

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For more info on Music Island, click here.

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