Wednesday Video Diversion: July 17, 2019

July 17, 2019

Happy Wednesday! We’ve got your weekly round-up of awesome TuneCore Artist music videos, and it’s a hot one (just like this mid-July heatwave). We’re also commemorating some of the most memorable moments in musical history, and today marks the premiere of The Beatles’ animated 1968 film Yellow Submarine. Did you know the Beatles actually weren’t the ones voicing their characters? They did, however, make a cameo appearance in the film and showcased plenty of their classic hits.

50 Cent, “Big Rich Town (feat. Joe)”

As Strange As Angels, “Mirror Mirror”

Stephen Day, “For Life (Take You Out, Treat You Right) & Twenty Two and Some Change”

KALEIDO, “Pretending”

Smooth Hound Smith, “Stopgap Woman Blues”

Striking Matches “Trouble Is As Trouble Does”

Cross Atlantic, “Mercy”

Sarahbeth Taite, “He Loves Me”

Tiffany Woys, “Spark”

The Belles, “That’s What Going Home’s For”

Liz Longley, “Skin & Bones”

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