New Store Alert: Make Your Music Available in the Chinese Market with Tencent

October 10, 2019

Hot off the heels of helping our artists break into the Korean music market, TuneCore is thrilled to announce our partnership with Chinese music giant Tencent!

Everyone knows one of the biggest advantages indie artists have when distributing their music digitally with TuneCore is reach. With over 150 stores worldwide, TuneCore gives artists the opportunity to be discovered and streamed in some of the largest and fastest-growing territories. As music streaming and digital consumption continues to grow, we’re always looking for ways to bring your music to new fans across the globe.

In 2018, the Chinese digital music market experienced a 35.3% growth in revenue. Social sharing, video creation, and karaoke-style live-streaming have all exploded in popularity among Chinese music fans and content creators. Tencent has been instrumental with their huge library of tracks from artists all over the world, contributing to last year’s 26.5% growth in streaming revenue across Mainland China.

“TuneCore is the go-to platform for independent artists to expand their audiences and scale their income worldwide,” said Scott Ackerman, CEO, TuneCore. “We create partnerships, tools and services that bring the greatest possible value to musicians, and this alliance with Tencent Music is a tremendous opportunity in a fast-growing and sought-after market.”

Tencent has played a major role in the overall expansion of music streaming and discovery in Mainland China, and when you deliver your music to Tencent, your releases will be available on the following platforms:

  • QQ Music – A leading online music service with nationwide popularity that offers a comprehensive music library and a broad range of music-related video content. QQ Music focuses on popular artists and top mainstream hits for younger music fans in Mainland China. It provides a platform for both initial and exclusive releases of digital music to promote interactions between fans and artists and to develop a music fan economy centered on popular artists.
  • Kugou Music – A leading online music service offering a comprehensive set of entertainment features with a mass-market focus and deep user penetration in Mainland China.
  • Kuwo Music –  An online music service focusing on selected genres and segments, such as DJ mixes and children’s songs, to cater to users’ diverse tastes.

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