In the Mix: The Art & Culture of the DJ on the #MusicMadeMe Podcast

February 26, 2020

We’re back with another episode of the #MusicMadeMe TuneCore Podcast – this week features international success stories DJ Era and Trendsetter Sense.

Era and Sense sit down with TuneCore Entertainment Relations Manager Joncier Rienecker to discuss today’s DJ culture and lifestyle, making it as an independent creative, the challenges facing DJs, artists and producers in the music business, and much, much more.

Both DJs have pretty incredible track records and came up figuring the game out on their own. Listen to some of the gems they drop for up-and-comers as it pertains to how technology has impacted our idea of DJing, what to expect in the industry, how to pitch and network, why preparedness matters, and being prepared to take some losses along the way.

“If you’re not willing to broke, then don’t do it!” – DJ Era

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