Tour Planning & Logistics – TuneCore Live Session [Recap + Stream]

February 21, 2020

For many artists, touring has become a major consideration when it comes driving revenue, building a larger audience, and promoting new music. While artists may have at one time viewed touring as a means to promote their latest release, increasingly they’re releasing new music just so they can hit the road.

We’ve covered the topic of touring on the TuneCore quite a bit – from getting out to new cities to what to expect for costs. Knowing that many artists in our community have questions about the planning and logistical side of this, we held a TuneCore Live Session around it!

In the streaming webinar below, TuneCore’s Content Editor Kevin Cornell is joined by touring artist Rob Baird and owner of Skyline Artists Agency/Bandsintown Strategic Consultant Bruce Houghton. This Live Session aims to fill artists who are thinking about planning a tour in with the details they’ll need to take into consideration ahead of doing so.

Some of the topics from the Live Session include:

Fine Tuning Your Live Performance Locally

“Audiences can tell if it’s your 8th gig,” Baird reminds us. Sharpening your skills as a performer on stage is crucial before you set out on a tour. Building the right set list, understanding your stage presence, and sounding tight is just the beginning. But don’t let that stop you from getting some local experience ASAP.

Touring Regionally

“Have a purpose,” Houghton says, “Don’t play out of town for the sake of playing out of town.” By having a purpose and building your ‘tour story’, you can make the right first impressions with venue managers/talent buyers out of town and build an audience in those markets.

Touring Isn’t Free

Vehicles, insurance, sound, gas — these are things artists need to be ready to spend money. Sometimes you’ll lose money, but if you can know what to expect in that regard, you’ll be better off. Having something to sell in terms of merch after your can also go a long way in helping to off-set some of those costs.

Every Artist is Different

While research and getting prepared is crucial, a hip hop artist and a four-piece rock band are going to have totally different experiences on the road. Keeping this in mind, don’t let your concerns completely talk you out of planning that first tour! What kind of fan base are you trying to attract, and what does your current fan base want?

Etiquette Is Key

Talent buyers and venue managers are your gateway to a new market. By being professional and getting in front of the right folks, you’re increasing the likelihood of being invited back. Touring can be very relationship-based.

We’ll be hosting informative and engaging TuneCore Live Sessions in the future, so be sure to check back for RSVP opportunities.

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