TuneCore Artists Celebrate ‘Women In Music Month’

March 20, 2020

March is Women In Music Month! TuneCore is doing our part in recognizing some of the incredible artists within our diverse community and highlighting the dedication of industry professionals. The music industry isn’t exempt when it comes to making sure female voices are heard loud and clear.

Between supporting the careers of thousands of artists and fairly employing women across all levels of our company, TuneCore is committed to helping keep the industry moving forward in terms of equality and respect.

This month, be sure to check out our on-going Women In Music series on the TuneCore MusicMadeMe Podcast. Within the playlist below, you’ll find in-depth conversations with female music industry professionals across the spectrum of specialization.

Since TuneCore is continually relied on as a platform for new artists to get their music out to the world as they begin building a career, we asked some artists who have been using TuneCore to weigh in on what it means to be a female in the music industry in 2020. Check out some advice and words of wisdom from our community below – they’re sure to inspire and motivate!


“Truly believe in yourself, your gift and your vision and trust the process. We are not what our circumstances look like. This journey is a long one: you will be tried, you will be tested, you will go broke, you will be shut down or turned away, told no. You will feel like giving up over and over but it is all apart of the learning and training needed in preparation for your time to shine. Your time will come and when it does you have to be ready. So embrace the challenges, push through those hard times, stay encouraged, meditate daily and pour your heart into your music.”SIA AMUN


“The music business is just as important as the music. Create a solid, reliable, trust worthy team around you and grind really hard. Focus, stay centered and find something (hobby, passion project, family etc.) outside of the industry that you love to keep you sane. Mental health in entertainment isn’t talked about enough but it’s a big issue, this music journey is a roller coaster. Lastly, have fun. You started this journey because you love music don’t forget that.”Neilà


“You go girl! You got this! You are a beautiful and powerful being with amazing ideas and much to contribute to the world. Upon entering this business, our intelligence and talent is never considered first, but TRUST YOURSELF. If you fall, dust yourself off and try again. And create as many relationships as possible by actually connecting with people, not just saving numbers in your phone.”Dondria


“My advice to women embarking on their musical journey is to first and foremost, STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF AND YOUR VISION! Don’t let the opinions of others steer you away from who you are and the music you want to create. Practice patience and take your time creating something you can be proud of! Being a creative can get stressful so make it a priority to stay positive and practice self care to stay inspired. Also, stay educated! The industry is constantly changing and the more you know about the business the easier it is to navigate.” – Noora

Marié Digby

“Although it’s been said before, my advice would be to dream big and make small steps every day to get there. My personal motto lately has been ‘Why not?’. We so often put limitations on ourselves as to what we think we can and can’t do. Drop those doubts and start making baby steps toward your biggest possible dream. There’s never been a better time than now, especially as woman, to fearlessly pursue whatever most inspires and excites you.” Marié Digby

Courtney Cole

“As a female creative in 2020, I’d tell someone embarking on their musical journey to follow their artist MISSION rather than a person, company, or contract. If you have a mission as an artist, whether it be to heal, or to empower women, staying true to that mission allows you to stay authentic to your art and doesn’t allow anyone else the chance to sway or deviate you away from that mission. It’s easy to trust people who have connections or experience in the industry and let them persuade you into doing things that take you away from the overall mission, and it’s easy to want to follow their lead when you know there is potential for success. However, sometimes this can cause you to lose who you are as an artist and what you originally set out to accomplish. Always trust you gut, and learn when it’s right to listen to those voices and when to listen to your heart.”Courtney Cole

Primo the Alien

“Trust yourself. Early in my career, I spent too much time allowing others to make me second-guess my decisions. You know the answer to the question. Go with that, unapologetically.”Primo the Alien

Jamie Lin Wilson

“Don’t quit. Be good, then get better. Practice. Be knowledgeable about your instrument and gear. When you feel disrespected, be respectful back, but take no shit. And don’t quit.”Jamie Lin Wilson


“As a female creative in a male-dominated industry, I would say first and foremost: we are just as great as the guys! Also, be open to building relationships with both females and males in the industry as far as mentorships go. You would be surprised how many creatives out there are willing to give out great advice to lead you through your journey and all you have to do is ask! Forming a collective with some of the girls in your industry who are also creating their own wave and lane is a great tool in helping build each other up. The music business is all about networking. Your net worth is your network!”AdELA

JJ Heller

“If you truly have something in your heart to say, you’ll find your audience (but it will probably take longer than you’d like). Have patience, keep writing and keep being you!”JJ Heller

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