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Italian MC Vacca Sounds Off on TuneCore and Independent Success

May 8, 2020

Italian hip hop artist Vacca (aka Alessandro Vacca), has been releasing music independently since 2003. Born and raised in Italy, Vacca relocated with Kingston, Jamaica but rose to become one of Italy’s earliest rap stars. 

At a time when MySpace ruled – and it did – Vacca was ranked as the most popular Italian artist on the entire platform. His strong digital presence, features, and debut album VH  allowed him to tour and grow his fan base further. Vacca went on to release seven full length albums and continued to collaborate with some of the biggest names in Italian music.

A true ‘underground king’, Vacca isn’t known because of his TV cameos or Billboard chart positions. But ask anyone in Italy about this rapper and you’ll get an earful. 

On top of his growing independent success, Vacca has been known as somewhat of a ‘Big Brother’ in the Italian music scene. He’s lent guidance and advice to some of the most successful Italian artists, due in part to his passion for the craft and desire to help others. This also translates to a warm, dedicated relationship with his fan base: Vacca is known for spending hours after shows meeting and talking to his fans.

For the past three years, Vacca has used TuneCore to distribute his music worldwide. When his manager brought TuneCore to his attention, the beneficial partnership was a no-brainer. Owning every step of the process, retaining 100% of his rights and revenue, and getting music to fans in every corner of the globe align perfectly with how Vacca views the ownership of his own brand and artistry.

Check out this awesome interview with Vacca, where he’ll take you inside his road to success and highlight the importance of independence.

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