As more opportunities arise to reach fans in the growing Chinese digital music market, TuneCore has secured a partnership with streaming service NetEase Cloud Music to help independent artists do just that. NetEase Cloud Music is one of the fastest-growing music platforms in Mainland China, with over 800 million registered users. 

While you already know that TuneCore helps independent artists sell their music globally, this new store offering is just another example of how we’re expanding on this opportunity. Getting discovered by music fans in new territories can help drive revenue and build your fanbase across social media channels. 

NetEase Cloud Music boasts a library of millions of songs, with around 50% of the releases on the platform being non-Chinese. That means NetEase Cloud Music is one of the most international platforms for artists to reach new fans. We already know that fans across China are using NetEase Cloud Music to discover music being made outside of their home country, but on top of that, the user features available on this platform allows for strong social engagement.

Registered NetEase Cloud Music users can offer instant feedback on songs, build playlists, and share their favorite releases — all of this activity strengthens an artists’ chances of being discovered via algorithm. Additionally, artists can connect, verify, and build their artist profile on the NetEase Fan Connect social platform. 

To begin reaching new fans across China, head over to your Store Manager and add your releases to NetEase Cloud Music today. If you’re not yet distributing your releases with TuneCore, sign up for free. 

For more information on NetEase Cloud Music, check out our FAQ. 


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