June 2020 Industry Wrap-Up

June 30, 2020

By Kevin Cornell

Another month of isolation, another month of headlines from the music world. TuneCore is doing our best to provide helpful, pragmatic, and hopeful content during this pandemic. While COVID-19 has no doubt impacted the music industry and artists alike, we’re continuing our monthly column of hand-picked articles across the web that you might have missed.

Boomplay Claims 75 Million Users in Africa
A big number is coming out of pan-African streaming platform Boomplay: 75 million users (with 86% from the sub-Saharan demographic). As a continent, Africa’s streaming market is poised for annual growth. As a partner of Boomplay, TuneCore is thrilled to hear of their latest stats. For artists with music being distributed to Boomplay: all the more reason to begin factoring African countries into your marketing plan! Read more here.

Live Performance Australia Details $345M Rebuild Plan
The live music entity Live Performance Australia published a ‘rebuild’ plan that showcases a detailed outlook on reviving the live music sector. It includes a $90 million ‘Business Reactivation Fund’, $70 million in federal support and a $55 million e-voucher program. A major industry needs to be heard, and Live Performance Australia is speaking up. Read more here.

MIDiA Reveals Q1 2020 Subscriber Market Share for Streaming Services
Ever wonder which platforms for streaming are being subscribed to most among a 400 million person-deep pool of users? MIDiA as you covered! This month the research firm published a breakdown of subscriptions, and it might surprise you (it might not). Read more here.

A Look at the Overall Predicted Music Industry Decline
Speaking of MIDiA, the firm also dropped some hard, sobering predictions of declines in the industry for 2020. Expected, but difficult to swallow nonetheless, the report highlights recorded music, publishing, live music, merch and sponsorship losses. Read more here.

MusicAlly Covers ‘Best Music Marketing Campaigns’ During Quarantine
You love to see it – artists and labels getting creative in dire times. No doubt screen time has risen dramatically since COVID-19 began to send us all into isolation, but we’ve continued to see how far artists can go in adapting to a ‘new reality’. MusicAlly dropped a report this month highlighting some of the stronger campaigns we’ve seen so far. Read more here.

Let’s Hear From the Fans: Vivendi Surveys ‘Post-Lockdown’ Habits
Seeking to hear from folks who’ve been locked down during quarantine and how these circumstances have impacted entertainment intake, Vivendi surveyed over 7,000 people. With 89% reporting discovery of new platforms, 60% reporting using more paid services than ever before, and 25% reporting they’d check out virtual entertainment after lockdown, three’s a lot to unpack. Read more here.

NMPA Reports $3.72 Billion in 2019 Revenues in the U.S.
The National Music Publishers’ Association reported an 11.6% increase (year over year) in U.S. publisher revenues. While people predict some declines in 2020 given the pandemic, it’s a stark reminder that it pays (literally) to have a music publishing administrator! Read more here.

Instagram Offers New ‘Commerce Eligibility’ For Artists
In a June blog post, Instagram announced that they’ll begin helping more businesses and creators earn revenue on their platform. Promising greater transparency and a more trustworthy shopping experience, the new requirements will go into effect on July 9. Figure out if you qualify! Read more here.

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