Planning Your Release – TuneCore Live Session [Recap + Stream]

June 26, 2020

Release planning is essential. Whether it’s a single, an EP or an album, having a road map will help ensure that you’re as prepared as possible for a successful campaign.

That means everything from distribution (cover art, audio files, and dates) to promotion (media list, playlist pitching, and creative assets). But as an up and coming independent artist, where should you start?

In our latest TuneCore Live Session, we sit down with three panelists to get three unique perspectives on what artists should be taking into consideration for a successful release campaign.

Dan Iammatteo is TuneCore’s Entertainment Relations Content Specialist, helping artists, managers and labels make the most out of their releases on TuneCore. Eric Tyler aka E.T. is a successful independent hip hop artist with multiple releases under his belt and a new album on the way. Matt Teacher runs The Giving Groove, a boutique record label with a diverse artist roster. Together, with moderator Kevin Cornell, they go over the ins and outs of being prepared, identifying potential roadblocks, strategizing lead times, and thinking about the ‘before, during and after’ promotional elements of a new release.

If you couldn’t make it to the Live Session, stream it below!

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