TuneCore to Donate All New Distribution Revenue on June 2nd to Color Of Change

June 1, 2020

In response to the worldwide movement for justice and mobilization of peaceful protesting of inequality, there have been calls for an industry-wide Blackout on June 2nd, 2020. Music is an art form that has long shaped our culture; it’s been the heartbeat and canvas of creators with a message; it’s helped charge important social movements, and it’s helped us heal and cope in times of need. 

While we’ve watched as brands across all industries display solidarity on social media, TuneCore knows that it’s the organizations on the frontline of social change that need financial support most during times of unrest. That’s why on June 2nd, 2020, all proceeds from TuneCore’s distribution fee for new releases will be donated to Color of Change. Color of Change has amassed a base of 1.7 million members over ten years, with the aim of “[moving] decision-makers in corporations and government to create a more human and less hostile world for Black people in America.”  For more information on Color of Change and the work they’re doing to fight injustice and inequality, click here.

As always, TuneCore Artists receive 100% of their streaming and sales revenue – during Blackout Tuesday, TuneCore will only be donating distribution fees received by TuneCore from our clients. Artists’ earnings will in no way be impacted.

Additionally, TuneCore has given all of its employees the opportunity to take the day off on June 2nd to participate in the way(s) they see fit that contributes to the mission of Blackout Tuesday. We know that TuneCore is a tool for artists to get their music and the message they wish to express out to the world, and believe it is of dire importance that we continue to provide our clients with an independent platform during this time. Therefore, artists and clients will still be able to distribute their releases to over 150 digital music stores during Blackout Tuesday.

TuneCore will still be available to support our artists that need it during normal business hours, and our platform will continue to be available for artists who need to distribute their releases/access their artist dashboards.

We’re here to empower artists to continue writing, recording, and building their music careers, while acknowledging the dire need for an end to systemic and institutional racism in all facets of everyday life.

We believe in Respect

We believe in Tolerance

We believe in Equal Rights

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