TuneCore Partners with Resso, TikTok’s Social Music Streaming Platform

September 17, 2020

Since TuneCore partnered with TikTok in 2019 to begin delivering independent artists’ music to one of the most downloaded apps in the world, we’ve seen the platform blow up even further in popularity. TuneCore Artists have been able to get in on the fun while engaging their fans and in some cases even taking their songs viral.

We’re excited to announce that if you’re a TuneCore Artist who has distributed to TikTok — or if you’re an artist who signs up and begins distributing their music all over the globe today — your songs will be made available on ByteDance’s social music streaming platform, Resso.

Currently, Resso is available to music fans in India, Indonesia and Brazil, including users who are already discovering their new favorite music on TikTok. Resso has plans to expand and capitalize on the app’s popularity among listeners in the coming years. While that’s no doubt good news for users, it stands to directly benefit the thousands of independent artists whose songs can be streamed on Resso, giving them more opportunity to expand their fanbase and earn more revenue. 

As an artist on Resso, you can create a profile (which can be verified), giving you the opportunity to directly interact and communicate with Resso users who follow you on the app.

Within their profiles, artists can curate playlists, promote their music, and share it all on other social media channels for more exposure. Artists will also have the opportunity to share their favorite lyrics as ‘static creative assets’ on those same social channels to engage fans. Finally, each song within the app has a comment section which will allow artists to connect with their fans and first-time listeners.

As TikTok becomes an important component for artists’ marketing mixes, TuneCore is excited to further empower them via our partnership. If you’re an artist looking to make the most of TikTok and Resso, be sure to read our TikTok For Musicians 101 Survival Guide and stream our recent TuneCore Live Session, featuring TuneCore Artist AdELA, Creative Brand Strategist Abby Nierman, and TikTok’s Label Partnership Manager Brandon Holman.

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