TuneCore Social Adds New ‘Make A Video’ Feature

October 5, 2020

NEW! TuneCore Social’s ‘Make A Video’ Tool

Adding a visual component to your new songs has continued to be a popular and effective way to generate interest and engage fans. The traditional ‘music video’ has had a very interesting forty-plus year evolution, but with platforms like YouTube and Instagram drawing millions of clicks and logins per day, no one can deny the advantages of having a few more creative assets up your sleeve as you prepare to market and promote new singles and albums.

Today we’re excited to announce our newest update to our TuneCore Social app:Make A Video. This new module gives TuneCore Artists the ability to quickly and easily create music visualizer-styled videos for their tracks.

If you’ve been itching to get a video out but haven’t had the means to hire a director or the time to shoot something compelling on your smartphone, ‘Make A Video’ is the perfect solution to getting an eye-catching creative asset for your next single (or to keep the momentum of your recently-released single going).

From within the TuneCore Social application, on desktop or mobile, artists can select one of their distributed tracks, add a name and title as well as custom artwork to create a video with a maximum length of five minutes. Once created, artists simply click the render button and their video will be compiled on the back end. Artists receive an email notification when their video is complete and ready to be downloaded.

For a one-time per video fee of $14.99, artists have unlimited access to download, share and edit their videos.

To learn more about using our social media management tool, check out TuneCore Social today!

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