TuneCore Tuesdays: Edo Ferragamo

November 17, 2020

We’re back with another installation of our latest series, TuneCore Tuesdays, which aims to highlight artists and other music professionals who are writing, recording, and hustling on their own terms. By showcasing creatives doing it their way all over the globe, TuneCore Tuesdays aims to empower and inspire our diverse community of artists. 

This week we’re talking to Edo Ferragamo. Check out her video and be sure to learn more about her journey!

Italian-born and New York-based Edo Ferragamo can recall the moment he discovered his desire to create music. While watching a movie that was exploring music, it dawned on a 12-year old Ferragamo that his mom had an old classical acoustic guitar in their basement. He enthusiastically ran downstairs to mimic what he had just seen, and within a short period of time he was taking lessons and falling in love with the process of it all.

“By the time I was 15, I knew that music was going to be a main part of my life forever!” he says, looking back. “During high school I was studying guitar and had a band, but I was always aspiring to go to the United States.”

Specifically, it was a music-focused education he sought. Edo applied, auditioned, and was accepted into Berklee College of Music in Boston. Considered to be one of the best music institutions in the world, he was thrilled; he knew that things were getting serious. Upon graduating, like many bright-eyed, motivated artists, it was off to New York City, where Ferragamo began putting his energy toward developing his career.

Finding his sound in a realm that exists between traditional pop and rock genres, Edo was sure to explore and experiment across the spectrum of music. As a guitarist who truly studied his instrument at length, he grew up in the rock tradition but also tapped into jazz, funk, and at times even electronic and EDM, crediting the digital landscape of today’s industry as a playground to try new things with each release.

Ferragamo attributes his drive and success thus far to the moment he realized that he was ready to show off what he’d created with the world. Like many artists, he struggled with the concept of taking the big step of showing off his work. Instead of meticulously polishing every edge of his songs, Edo decided to embraced sharing his music while focusing on the continuous building and improvement along the way.

“Obviously the industry is competitive, and it’s really hard to stand out as there is so much music being released every single day,” Edo says of the independent struggle. “That being said, nowadays artists have the opportunity to build a fanbase and showcase their talent.”

The name ‘Ferragamo’ has cultural ties to Italian fashion, and Edo doesn’t hide from his roots. His independent music and the clothing brand do not really clash in practical ways, but he’s learned from a lot from those that came before him.

“I am very proud and grateful for where I come from,” he says. “My family has taught me to be extremely hard working and to never give up on my dreams – I apply these values into my everyday life, always.”

Maybe that’s why it’s no surprise that Edo takes creative control very seriously. Understanding that being independent means keeping your nose to the grind and getting your music in front of as many eyes as possible is key.

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