TuneCore Partners with iZotope

April 26, 2021

TuneCore has long made a point of making it easier to be an independent artist. Just because we celebrate the DIY approach, no one should feel like they’re on their own when it comes to releasing music and building their career. Our robust community of diverse creators have benefitted from our amazing partnerships with services and platforms that make it easier to finish their songs, promote them, and earn revenue.

That’s why today we’re excited to announce our partnership with the popular audio technology brand iZotope! iZotope develops award-winning audio software and plug-ins for mixing, mastering, restoration, and more. Their intelligent audio technology “helps musicians, producers, and audio engineers focus on their craft rather than the tech behind it.”

iZotope is offering TuneCore Artists an exclusive sample pack previously only made available to their members. To get started, download it here and if you want more, you can start a free 7 day trial of Music Production Suite Pro.

There’s no doubt that in recent years home production has skyrocketed to the forefront of many artists’ minds; factor in a year plus of isolation, and you’ve got quite a few new burgeoning engineers! In an already changing digital music landscape, we’re thrilled to partner with a provider who puts the power in the hands of artists. 

Our friends at iZotope make innovative audio tools that enable people to be creative. Their plug-ins are tailored with AI technology to help people get past slow workflows or learning curves so they can focus on their music.

With iZotope’s Music Production Suite Pro, you can:

  • Access a suite of plugins including Ozone for intuitive mastering, Neutron for intelligent mixing, Nectar for specialized vocal mixing, VocalSynth for vocal sound design, Neoverb for blendable reverb and more.
  • Select from exclusive presets and sample packs streamline your workflow by allowing you to work faster and stay creative.
  • Utilize skill-building educational resources to help you polish your track for release.

There’s never been more pressure on music-makers to get tracks out into the world. With the skyrocketing popularity of stores and streaming platforms that TuneCore partners with, music fans are chewing through new music like wood chippers. As a result, their appetites for even newer music have only gotten more insatiable.

To get started, get your 7 free trial of Music Production Suite Pro or browse all iZotope memberships.

We can’t wait to hear all the amazing music you’ll be working on once you get your hands on this free trial of iZotope’s Music Production Suite Pro.