TuneCore Partners with Loopcloud

May 12, 2021

TuneCore is proud to serve artists, songwriters and producers during a time in which it’s never been easier to express yourself creatively. If you asked the average label head or creator twenty years ago how you could go about developing a career in home production, you’d get a pretty complicated answer. Whether you were looking to spin in the club or build beats for a hip hop project, the amount of affordable equipment available to the average beginner was limited.

Just like how TuneCore stepped up to provide artists a platform to distribute their songs to the world, UK-based Loopmasters made their presence known in the DJ and producer circuit by providing an amazing selection of samples and loops with Loopcloud. Loopcloud is more than a sample library: it allows you to preview and modify over four million royalty-free samples – plus your own sample collection – live and in perfect time and key with your DAW. It brings together every sound from your collection into one place: tagged, organized and easy-to-find.

As more and more bedroom producers navigate the digital landscape and strengthen their skill sets, Loopcloud offers inspirational musical content to help them craft their latest masterpieces. 

TuneCore is excited to announce our official partnership with Loopcloud: another important step toward providing our diverse, robust community of artists with more solutions to assist them as they further grow their careers. It makes sense for two brands known for offering independent artists powerful resources at their fingertips to come together, and we couldn’t be happier to kick it off.

If you’re an independent producer, DJ or even just an artist looking to get their hands dirty in production, here’s the deal:

  • Loopcloud is the most intuitive way to audition and select loops and samples to start or further develop a musical project. 
  • Samples can be previewed and modified live, in perfect time and key with the project in a DAW (digital audio workstation).
  • AI-powered features include harmonic and rhythmic sound matching, as well as  similar sound recommendations.

From the company: “Loopcloud 6 continues to push the boundaries of sample subscription services with AI-powered harmonic and rhythmic sound matching, similar sound recommendations and adjustable audio search filters. Additional updates include three additional effects, AI-tagging for user content, intuitive export options, a slick new Dark Mode and more. Loopcloud 6 inspires producers and artists with new sounds, fresh ideas and unexpected musical directions.”

The Offer

For TuneCore Artists, Loopcloud is offering 1GB of samples and loops FREE, PLUS an extended two-month trial of their platform. Sign up through this link to take advantage of this TuneCore artist perk from our friends at Loopcloud!

The platform is compatible with your DAW of choice and there’s no code to redeem!

We can’t wait to hear all the amazing work that comes out of this offering to our community. If you’re interested in learning more about home recording and production, check out our helpful Survival Guide.