Believe and TuneCore Help Artists Get the Most from Discovery Mode Test in Partnership with Spotify

June 30, 2021

Believe invests in building dedicated data and digital marketing intelligence platform

Global digital music company Believe, parent to DIY distribution leader, TuneCore, have both partnered with Spotify to test the company’s new tool, Discovery Mode, the latest marketing addition to a robust Spotify for Artists suite of resources, such as Canvas, Marquee, and playlist pitching.  

Discovery Mode is a marketing tool that helps artists amplify their reach and find their next fans by prioritizing songs for discovery on Spotify. As an innovative digital market leader, Believe has been a large scale early partner of Spotify, testing Discovery Mode over the last six months with many of its independent artists. 

Throughout the initial phase, Believe invested in building a dedicated data and digital marketing intelligence platform to select artists and tracks which have the most potential for succeeding in Discovery Mode. Through multiple rounds of testing on many tracks, followed by track-level reporting by Spotify, complex data analysis and ongoing technology development, Believe and TuneCore carefully selected artists and tracks which have the most potential for succeeding in Discovery Mode. The two companies are working to expand the reach of their many artists and labels, all with unique needs. The companies’ participation in this test will help inform the development of the tool, ensuring it best supports artists at all stages of their career.

“Believe is building the digital marketing intelligence and the technologies to be at the forefront of these new opportunities for artists,” said Denis Ladegaillerie, Chief Executive Officer, Believe. “In the digital world, artist development is digital and recommendation algorithms are the new marketing. Believe supports Spotify’s Discovery Mode, as it is highly innovative and beneficial for independent artists. The program’s democratizing power will enable a wider community of artists to benefit from promoting their music. And, in these early tests, we’re already witnessing how the program can help talented Believe and TuneCore artists from all over the world gain significant exposure to new listeners.” 

Discovery Mode requires no upfront cost. This gives artists at any stage of their career, anywhere in the world, the opportunity to participate. In early testing, artists with tracks in Discovery Mode have found over 40% more listeners on average – compared to pre-Discovery Mode. 44% of those listeners had never listened to the artist before.

“At Spotify, we’re building tools and resources that are accessible to, and can benefit, artists at any stage of their career, from anywhere in the world,” said Charlie Hellman, Vice President, Head of Marketplace, Spotify. “Believe and TuneCore are home to such a diverse array of artists and have been invaluable partners as we’ve developed Discovery Mode as a tool that can serve not only established artists but also developing artists. The early results are really exciting: our data shows that Discovery Mode provides an average of 1.5 times the streaming uplift for artists with less than one million monthly listeners, than for those with more than one million.”

Believe and TuneCore are pleased to share a case study of how Discovery Mode supported the strategy of Natalie Perez, one of Believe’s artists, with more than 600,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. The case study is available on the Spotify for Artists website

Natalie Perez commented, “First of all, I’m really grateful for the possibility to reach new friends and fans via not only the team and the people who work behind Spotify, but the tools. Having the possibility of having a tool like [Discovery Mode] to achieve these results, that’s really amazing.”

Commented Andreea Gleeson, Co-head and Chief Revenue Officer of TuneCore, “At TuneCore, we believe there’s never been a better time for independent artists worldwide. We’re seeing a paradigm shift where an artist’s success is no longer tied to radio or traditional mainstream media. Discovery Mode maximizes the reach of the music, based on the merit of the music – not because a gatekeeper said so. If the music’s good, Discovery Mode will help artists find new fans.”“It’s amazing how Spotify’s algorithm finds new fans for my style of music,” said TuneCore Christian rock artist Manafest, who currently has over 700,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. “Spotify’s Discovery Mode allowed me to reach new fans. Going into this test, I knew that this might work for some songs but not for others. Overall, the program helped me reach more fans and more streams – what artist wouldn’t want that?

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