Tidal Artist Payout

December 3, 2021

Fans on TIDAL can support and empower their favorite artists more than ever, simply by listening. TIDAL has unveiled a brand-new, direct-to-artist payment feature: the Direct Artist Payouts program. Direct Artist Payouts is a groundbreaking way for fans to directly support their top-streamed artists through their TIDAL HiFi Plus membership every month.

Up to 10% of a TIDAL HiFi Plus member’s subscription fee will now be directed to the subscriber’s most-listened-to artist for the month, based on their streaming statistics. The allocation of funds is directly allocated to an account’s most-listened-to artist in a given calendar month, so fans’ listening choices always determine the artist.  

TIDAL is currently teaming up with third-party partners, including TuneCore, in order to swiftly implement direct payments. 

If you use us for distribution, separate registration is still required. Look out for an email from us with your registration link. 

TIDAL will pay the money to us that’s attributable to you within seven business days of month’s end once you have accumulated at least $50.

TIDAL will hold attributable funds for one year and will still pay those funds to us on your behalf once you have registered for the program provided you have exceeded the $50 threshold.

TIDAL HiFi Plus users will now receive daily updates of their most streamed monthly artists on their My Activity tab which can be shared on social media which is a good way for you to interact with your fans and get them to stream your music more on TIDAL.To learn more about the Direct Artist Payouts Program, visit TIDAL today.