Snapchat Becomes Latest Store To Partner With TuneCore

May 19, 2022

TuneCore is thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Snapchat, the original, global, ephemeral messaging app. Snapchat is available in all territories, with over 306 million daily active users.

Verifiy Your Artist Profile
A gold star indicates an Official Story Account, reserved for the most important Snapchat accounts (for profiles with 30k followers, or 50K story views on Snapchat). With a Verified Artist profile, you can add & edit your public information, allow trusted users to help manage your profile, and manage collaborations with other creators. Official Stories from Verified Artist accounts also have the potential to surface on Snapchat’s Discover section.

Get Profile Highlights
Showcase your favorite public Snapchats, photos, & videos right on your Verified Artist profile. Official Accounts also get enhanced Insights, Highlights, and Activity data, including general account statistics, audience breakdown, individual Snapchat performance, Snapchat performance over time, & Lens data. Using the Verified Artist Profile Insights tab, you can better understand how viewers engage with your stories & content.

Story Replies & Quoting
Story Replies is a new feature that lets you engage with your fans & have meaningful conversations around the Stories you post. Story Replies also gives you the control you need to manage and filter replies based on what you want to see & what is important to you.

Quoting is a fan engagement tool that makes it easier to share a subscriber’s reply to your public story. Ask your viewers to send you questions and answer away! You can even mix things up and ask them questions. Fans will be notified when you quote them.

Shazam on Snapchat
Your fans are already on Snapchat, and they are Shazaming the music they hear. Shazam on Snapchat provides millions of song detections every day. Users have the ability to scan every snap that uses a sound & find whatever track is being used.

Snapchat Sounds
Add songs to your Snapchats from the camera screen. Snap Sounds allows users to easily embed licensed music to their snaps, stories, & conversations. When your sound is delivered to Snapchat’s au

Steal the Spotlight
Spotlight is a new way for the Snapchat community to find the most entertaining Snaps– all in one place, no matter who created them. Spotlight provides a personalized, content-first, vertical playback experience that lives on the fifth tab of the app.

Lens Studio
Lens Studio is free software within the Snapchat app that allows creators to easily design their own AR lenses, including up to 30 seconds of your track audio to boost song exposure. Community lenses built in the Lens Studio can even include a link to your artist storefront. Send your community lens deep-link to the Snapchat Music team to get the shop button added.

The ‘Shop’ button on a Verified Artist profile opens the artist storefront, featuring the entire catalog of products published from the Shopify backend. The attachment tool lets artists include a link in the stories they post on Snapchat. Fans can also access storefronts via search on Snapchat.

Best Practices
Fill out your Verified Artist Profile details.
Post Snapchats regularly using Lenses & Sounds.
Post to Stories & Spotlight using trending topics & hashtags.
Promote your Sounds in your own Snapchats, prompting fans to use them in theirs.
Tag your account in all of your posts.
Track your analytics for content & lenses.
Add collaborators to post on your behalf.

Snap Advertising
Reach fans directly through Snapchat advertising. Get started at

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