What You Don’t Know About Publishing May Be Costing You

[Article originally posted on SoundCtrl]

By Jamie Purpora, President, TuneCore Publishing

If you’re a musician in the US, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with the names ASCAPBMI and SESAC. You also likely know that joining one of these Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) will help you collect royalties that you’ve earned as a songwriter.

What you may not realize is that the world of rights and royalties is incredibly complex, and in this increasingly global, multi-platform world, you might not be quite as covered as you think. In this article, we take a look at the royalties PROs can and can’t collect and demonstrate how a publishing administration partner like TuneCore Publishing Administration, in conjunction with PROs, can help ensure you’re able to get your hands on all the revenue your songwriting earns…

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How Composer Brian Crain Unlocks Worldwide Songwriter Royalties

TuneCore’s Music Publishing Administration team works hard to help the songwriters in our community collect and generate songwriter royalties all over the world.  For many composers, working with a music publisher to collect royalties from the songs they have written can be a significant income stream. We recently caught up with one such composer, Brian Crain, whose compositions have been used on the big (and small) screens.  Find out how TuneCore Music Publishing gets Brian songwriter royalties he didn’t even know he had, and how he sees the role of the songwriter shifting as the music industry continues to evolve… 

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New Store Alert: KKBOX Gives Direct Access to Booming Asian Market

Lately we’ve been all about adding new stores for our artists.  Why?  New stores means more people listening to your music.  And that means more money in your pocket.  Not such a bad deal, right?

So here’s our new store, it’s a big one…

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How Ontario-Based Artist SayWeCanFly Is Growing His Career

For this artist spotlight we’re heading up to Ontario, where Braden Barrie is finding independent success as the one-man acoustic act SayWeCanFly.  He’s toured the U.S. and Canada, building a loyal fan base through music intended to inspire power and a never-give-up attitude.  We had a chance to talk to the driven artist about what has helped him along the way, how he’s booked his tours, and why he partners with TuneCore for both Distribution and Publishing Administration… 

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How We’re Helping Songwriters Get Their Music in Film, TV & More

An Interview with Pete Rogers, Creative at TuneCore Music Publishing Administration.

TuneCore Music Publishing Administration’s mission is to offer songwriters and publishers a simple, more viable solution for managing the rights to their compositions.  With 100+ years of combined experience, our in-house staff excels at registering, licensing, pitching, and processing royalties due for songwriters’ compositions.  One of the most exciting revenue opportunities for songwriters is in synchronization licensing, and TuneCore Music Publishing’s Creative department is dedicated to helping songwriters get their music placed in film, TV, commercials and more.

We asked Pete Rogers, Creative, to tell us a little about his role at TuneCore, what songwriters can do to have a better chance of getting noticed by Music Supervisors, and what exposure songwriters gain from the TuneCore Sync & Master Licensing Database…

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New ‘Choose Independence’ Compilation – Submit Your Song Now

It’s that time again: time music fans are exposed to new independent artists.  In order to help make this happen, we’re putting together a new compilation album, Choose Independence, that will be featured on Amazon MP3, and we want you to be on it…

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#TCVideoFridays – April 11th, 2014

We love to celebrate the creativity and diversity of the TuneCore Artist community. See for yourself in this week’s #TCVideoFridays round-up!

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#TCVideoFridays – March 7th 2014

Get in the SXSW spirit with music videos from 10 of the talented artists about to take Texas by storm…

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10 Reasons to Choose TuneCore Music Publishing Administration

You put a lot of work into writing songs.  And because these compositions form the foundation of your career, you want to make sure they’re being treated properly.  A Publishing Administrator will represent your compositions and make sure you get all of the royalties owed to you from the use of your music around the world.  By getting a publishing deal with TuneCore, you’ll get a top notch team on your side, fighting on your behalf and giving you opportunities to maximize your songwriter royalty collection.

Here’s how we’ll do it…

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