Wednesday Video Diversion: March 21, 2018

Happy Wednesday, y’all. We’re officially into Spring, but you wouldn’t know it from the massive snow storm hitting our HQ in Brooklyn! Today we’re unleashing a bunch of awesome TuneCore Artist music videos as usual, but we’d be remiss not to mention that on this day in 1973, the BBC decided to ban ‘teenybopper’ acts from appearing on the hit show Top Of The Pops. Seems kind of insignificant, right? Well, what if we told you it because of a RIOT STARTED BY DAVID CASSIDY FANS? Don’t sleep on those teenyboppers, folks.

JSWISS, “Dedicate.LoveSomethin”

Plastic Picnic, “Miss It Still”

Sam Himself, “Out Of Love”

Necklace, “Try This”

The Teskey Brothers, “Pain and Misery”

Kemba, “Caesar’s Rise”

Peach Pit, “Seventeen”

SonReal, “Can I Get a Witness”

Little Destroyer, “RATTLESNAKES”

Sloppy Jane, “Mindy”

Wednesday Video Diversion: March 14, 2018

It’s another Wednesday, folks. Unless you’re partying down at SXSW, right about now you’re likely feeling that mid-week haze start to sink in. Fear not, because as always we’re here to offer a new round-up of TuneCore Artist music videos to vibe out to. While we’re here, it seems important to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to music production and business icon Quincy Jones! Jones was recently in the press due to some outlandish stuff he said in an interview, but we’ll always remember him for his legendary impact on music. Here’s to many more, Quincy!

Hand Grenade Job, “New Year”

Jason White, “#Beautiful”

Fort Never, “Fly High”

Fym Summer, “This Girl”

The Teskey Brothers, “Pain and Misery”

Will Courtney, “The Pain (Song For Dennis Wilson)”

The Lulls, “Paris”

Crumb, “Bones”

Bodega, “How Did This Happen?!”

Löwin, “Sloop”

Wednesday Video Diversion: February 28, 2018

Happy Wednesday and join us in saying goodbye to February! Spring on ahead, right? We’ve got another great line up of TuneCore Artist music videos below – speaking of videos, how sick was the video for “Thriller” by Michael Jackson? Well, on this day in 1984, the late great pop star walked home with a record SEVEN GRAMMY awards for the album of the same name. His legend lives on forever!

Hooka Hey, “Herlock”

Bre Kennedy, “Trouble On My Mind”

The Young Fables, “Daddy’s Girl”

Brian Nhira, “Would You Still Love Me?”

The Bones of J.R. Jones, “Shine On Me”

Calan Mai, “Cup”

ASTR, “Bleeding Love”

Brandon Watson, “Got A Feelin'”

Will Fraker, “Leave (Sofar Sounds NYC)”

Wednesday Video Diversion: February 21, 2018

Predictably, we’ve reached another Wednesday. If you’ve avoided slipping into REM-cycle sleep at this point in the afternoon, good for you! Just think: on this day back in 1968, Pink Floyd hit the EMI studios in London to get started on their debut album, Piper At The Gates of Dawn (an important rock ‘n roll album!) — meanwhile, four gents named John, Paul, George and Ringo were down the hall chipping away at a record that’d be known as Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. That’s a lotta British rock power in one building! With that weekly dose of random music trivia, we present another stunning lineup of TuneCore Artist music videos to distract and delight:


LoveCollide, “Mother of the Son”

DeVante, “Gin & Juice”

James Quick, “Oceanside”

Josh Grider, “Good People”

Knox Fortune, “Lil Thing”

BOOTS, “Delete Delete (feat. Run The Jewels & Cristin Milioti)”

Raz Simone, “Clout”

Peach Pit, “Drop The Guillotine”

Stars and Rabbit, “Man Upon the Hill”

CupcakKe, “Fullest”

Wednesday Video Diversion: February 14, 2018

Happy Valentines Day, music lovers and makers! It may be that boring old middle-of-the-week mark, but at least this time around we know that love truly is in the air. Speaking of such love, it was on this holiday in 1994 that the BELOVED Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain was released by indie rockers Pavement! An iconic album for the genre by a band that independent artists still nod to for inspiration today, we’re happy to celebrate go-getters who were making music outside the box – because that’s what he help our artists do! Now, enjoy this week’s round-up of TuneCore Artist music videos.


James Quick, “Oceanside”

MESSER, “Make This Life”

Pop Evil, “Waking Lions”

LIEZA, “Don’t Make Me Dance”

Vundabar, “Acetone”

Kelsy Karter, “Out Of Drugs”

Bishop Nehru, “Midnight Reflecting”

Jessie Clement, “Heartbreak Hero”

Katie Herzig, “Walk Through Walls”

Dancing On Tables, “OH”

Wednesday Video Diversion: February 7, 2018

It’s another dreary, winter Wednesday afternoon over here at TuneCore HQ in Brooklyn. If you find yourself falling asleep midday, consider taking a listen to the incredibly influential rock/proto-punk third release from The Stooges, Raw Power! Why would one suggest such a random title (aside from it being a stellar album)? Because on this day in 1973, Iggy and the guys released it to the world. So there – a little random music trivia that also offers a pick me up. Or, you could dive into each and every one of these TuneCore Artist music videos:


Jinkx Monsoon, “Cartoons and Vodka”

DNSTJ, “Keinen Sinn”

Caitlin Canty, “Get Up”

James Quick, “Oceanside”

Alex G, “Too Far”

Daniel Ellsworth + the Great Lakes, “Catapult”

Zoe Sky Jordan, “Powerlines”

The Undercover Dream Lovers, “Rewind”

Lowland Hum, “Vedauwoo”

Sy Ari Da Kid, “Same Energy”