ScHoolboy Q: A Conversation Between Studio Cuts

TuneCore’s Chris Mooney had a chance to talk to hip hop recording artist ScHoolboy Q, back from SXSW and now in the studio working on his next album. Read on to find out about the writing and collaboration processes behind his latest album, Habits & Contradictions, his favorite part about being an artist, and why it’s important to hang around the people who doubt you.

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Andy Suzuki & The Method On Their New EP, Unique Instrumentation, & Gaining Fans Through Cover Songs

Andy Suzuki & The Method show off the full sound that comes from blending a unique set of instruments. Singer/Pianist/Guitarist Andy Suzuki, hand-percussionist Kozza Babumba, and electric violinist Jason Gorelick started playing together at Brown University and have continued to develop their sound, range, and fan base since their college days. Read on as we talk with Andy about the band’s new EP “The Ghost Stories,” their unique instrumentation, and the importance of putting up cover songs.

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Jack and White On Their Latest EP, Their "Musical Blind Date," & Grassroots Marketing

Singer-songwriters Brooke White and Jack Matranga were strangers just a year ago, and now they’re a successful duo with a new EP in stores. This recent release, “Winter” speaks to its name, as nature played a large part in its creation. Read on to learn about the inventive ways they are engaging fans and how a “musical blind date” created Jack and White.

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TV, Film, & Broadway Star Melora Hardin Discusses Her New Album & Merging Music With Her Other Creative Passions

Some may know her as Jan on “The Office.” Others may know her as Roxie Hart from Broadway’s “Chicago: The Musical.” And still others may know her as Melora Hardin, a singer whose voice commands an audience. No matter how she’s expressing herself, Melora is a true performer who thrives on sharing her passion for the arts with her fans. Read on as she talks to us about the range of her latest album “All The Way To Mars,” how her stage, film, and television work influence each other, and what we can look forward to down the road.

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J. Dash On His New Album "Tabloid Truth" & Starting A YouTube Street Team

Hip Hop artist J. Dash came onto the scene with his single “WOP,” sparking an (unanticipated) international dance craze. There are currently over 30 million YouTube views on the official “WOP” videos as fans around the world are WOP-ing to the beat. This week marked the release of J. Dash’s album Tabloid Truth, the physical copies of which he is releasing exclusively through Walmart. Read on to learn about this new album, WOP’s remarkable success, and J. Dash’s “YouTube Street Team.”

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Trent Reznor – An Exclusive TuneCore Interview

TuneCore Founder/CEO Jeff Price speaks with the the Academy Award-winning composer, Nine Inch Nails Founder and frontman, and TuneCore Artist about his composition process, scoring films and more.

Jeff Price: You’ve made this transition, right, I mean to me you’ve always created these tapestries of sound, and come up with ways to create music out of things that I didn’t quite think would make music. And when you were doing that, did you ever think about your music being used to score literally a film, or score images? Or was it something that was always completely separate for you.

Trent Reznor: You know, I’d been interested in the idea of scoring a film, but I’d never really set aside time or made a real effort to try to get work that way. What’s happened in the last few years is a direct result of David Fincher asking me if I’d do it. And it was flattering, because I’m a big fan of David as a filmmaker, and also as a person. It was an easy way to kind of dip my toe into it, and see, and he was very supportive and nurturing, because I didn’t have any idea if I could actually do that or not.

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Meg & Dia On Touring, Their New Release, And Growing Your Fanbase

Meg & Dia is a sister-led band that knows what it’s like to release music independently, as well as through a major label. Since Dia Frampton, the band’s lead singer, made it to the final round of NBC’s “The Voice,” Meg & Dia has been gaining more fans and exploring where the music takes them. Most recently it has taken them on a tour with country singer Blake Shelton, where the band is performing as “Dia Frampton.” Read on as Meg Frampton (vocals, piano, guitar) discusses the tour, establishing a fanbase, and how they got the name for their new album “Be Careful, I Love You, Stay In Touch.”

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Jamestown Story: Out With A New Album That Presents A Fresh Take On Early Material

Minneapolis-based band Jamestown Story traditionally releases a new album each Christmas, and this year is no exception. The new album from Dane Schmidt (guitar, vocals, drums) and Brandyn Anderson (piano), titled “A Walk Through Time,” is just that: a fresh take on some of their older, previously released tracks. Read on as Dane lets us in on their decision to revisit some early work on this new album, and what we can expect from Jamestown Story in the months to come.

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The Suburbians: Headlining Tour In Canada After Indie Week 2011 Win

There isn’t a cloud in sight for Essex based band The Suburbians. Composed of brothers Ben (lead guitar, vocals) and Mark (lead vocals, guitar) Konstantinovic, Charlie Roberts (bass. vocals) and Ben Nyari (drums), The Suburbians recently won the Indie Week 2011 Festival, scoring them a headlining tour in Canada. Read on for more info on their promo plans surrounding the August release of their debut album, as well as their upcoming Canadian tour.

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