New Daily iTunes Trend Reports: What They Are + 5 Ways to Use Them

You can now view your iTunes sales activity even faster after you distribute through TuneCore.  Introducing: New DAILY iTunes Trend Reports.

Trend reports show you unofficial sales data of your music on iTunes.  We’ve always offered iTunes trend reports, but  now they’re even better.

Here’s why:

  • The trend reports are now updated DAILY (instead of weekly).  Use the calendar function to view sales as recent as 1-2 days prior and as far back as 3 months.
  • You can now view the trend data of your ringtones.
  • We’ve visualized the data.  See your sales in dynamic graph form.  It’s not just a boring CSV file anymore.
  • View your sales by metro area and really narrow in on the cities where your fans live.
  • Our easy-to-use, web-based tool lets you sort your iTunes sales to your heart’s content, right on the screen.

Now you can use these daily iTunes trend reports to get a good sense of how your music is selling, just 24-48 hours after your release went live iTunes. We’ve included tips below on how you can use this information to help your marketing efforts…

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Gadgets We Like: Thrillcall App Has Last Minute Tickets To Concerts Near You

It’s Friday night, you’re home bored, thinking to yourself It would be so cool if I could get tickets to a show tonight… Well, Thrillcall, a concert app for the iPhone, can make that wishful thought a reality, by hooking you up with last minutes tickets to shows in the area.

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Gadgets We Like: Songnote Lets You Send Messages Through Tunes

You know when you’re listening to music and suddenly a song comes on that immediately takes you back to a specific memory or person? Songnote, an app made by the Darling Group, can help you capitalize on that moment. Compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, Songnote lets you express yourself by sending messages in the form of music.

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Gadgets We Like: FanTexter Lets Bands Easily Connect With Fans Via Text

Sometimes it’s just easier to text than to email. Let’s say you’re in a band. And you had advertised a concert happening in 3 hours, but you just found out the venue changed. Now you’re panicked; you need to let your fans know where the show is now, and you’re worried they’re not going to find out in time. Wouldn’t it be easiest if you could send out a mass text to your fans to let them know about the change? If you use FanTexter, you can.

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Gadgets We Like: Pocket Casts Keeps You Up To Date With What's New In Podcasts

Are you someone who likes to make sure you have the newest episodes of your favorite podcasts as soon as they’re available? If so, you may want to check out Pocket Casts, a very helpful app from Shify Jelly. All you need to do is add the podcasts you like into the app, and then once new episodes are available you’ll be able to stream or download them.

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Gadgets We Like: StagePage Lets You Create A Virtual Collage From Your Concert Experiences

Ever wish you had saved old concert tickets, photos and programs? Or do you have a shoebox packed with unorganized memorabilia from shows you’ve attended but no real way to display them? StagePage, the iPhone app from Alexcel, lets you take all the pieces from your concert experiences and from them create a virtual collage or “memory page.”

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Gadgets We Like: Webdoc Connects Artists & Fans Through Interactive Media Posts

Looking for some interactive ways to engage with your fans on the web? Webdoc offers up a blank canvas that can be easily customized with photos, videos, text, and services like Songkick, iTunes, Topspin and more. The only requirement for using Webdoc is that you know how to drag and drop. If you’ve got that down you’re good to go.

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Gadgets We Like: Album Scout Hunts For New Music So You Don't Have To

Album Scout does all the work to find you new music. The goal of the free app is to keep you up to date with new emerging artists. Here’s how it works: Album Scout scans your own music library to get a sense of the kind of music you’re into, and then it recommends new artists based on trends it finds. When it introduces new artists, it provides detailed info from, like biography, tags, and, and similar artists.

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Gadgets We Like: Fanzy, The Facebook App That Rewards Fans For Promoting Your Band

Fanzy, a growing Facebook app, encourages fans to spread the word about brands, by rewarding them when they promote. This app can be used by any kind of brand, TV show, film, or sports team, but we think it’s a particularly useful tool for artists, since it helps them promote their music while growing and giving back to their fan base. The app is centered around promotions and rewards for those promotions. In order to receive awards, fans unlock badges when they complete certain promotional opportunities, determined by the brand. Examples of promotions might be sharing a band’s new video, tweeting about a new album, or inviting other people to become fans. The more the fans promote, the more points they rack up, and the more they’re rewarded. It’s up to the brand to come up with the rewards.

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Gadgets We Like: CrowdStream

CrowdStream™ makes it easy for fans to connect with their favorite artists at live shows. When you use the mobile app to “check-in” at concerts, you can access photos, messages, and videos from the artists playing.  While you’re enjoying the show you can connect with other concertgoers by sharing photos and comments in real time. […]

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