5 Tips for Making Merch Work For You

By Stephen Babcock 1. If you’re gigging, you need to sell merch (merchandise) If you plan on playing shows, you need merch. Anyone who has ever been to a concert or show knows that the best acts always have some kind of merch (T-shirts, posters, caps, etc.) to sell to fans. Whether it’s the local […]

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Holiday Merch Buying Tips

[Editors Note: By Bob Jacobson, President & CEO of Mixonic, Inc. – an online company that makes it easy for artists and brands to manufacture custom digital media and branded promotional products. TuneCore MerchLink is powered by Mixonic.] It’s getting cooler outside, leaves are changing colors and the smell of turkey is almost in the air. It’s […]

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TuneCore Launches Service That Helps Artists Collect Their YouTube Sound Recording Revenue

Now all TuneCore Artists can make money from YouTube! Our artists can earn money when their sound recordings are used anywhere on YouTube. They can earn money when other people use their sound recordings in their videos. They also earn money from the sound recordings on their own videos. If their sound recording is being […]

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