Parallel Compression: A Powerful Technique in Music Production

[Editors Note: This article was written for the TuneCore Blog by our friends at SoundOnTime – a blog for music production enthusiasts.] In the world of music production, compression is a widely used technique. In order to raise the overall level of a certain signal to make particular elements pop out in the mix, it […]

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How To Write and Produce a Hit Song In 2018

[Editors Note: This article was written by Omar Zulfi of DeviantNoise.] Let’s be real – there’s not really a blueprint to writing a hit record. It’s an extremely tough thing to do. And of the thousands of songs put out every day, an extremely tiny amount manage to rise to the top. To be fair, […]

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How To Make Your Vocal Tracks POP

[Editors Note: This blog was written by our friends at Soundfly – learn more about their online course series and how you can get a discount at the bottom of this article!]   These days, producing your own demos essentially means the same thing as making a fully produced record of your song. It’s expected that your […]

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Mix Buss Compression Made Easy!

[Author: Scott Wiggins *]   How many of you are completely terrified of doing anything to the mix buss, aka “stereo buss” “2 buss”? It is real easy to mess up an entire mix with too much processing, in particular, mix buss compression. Over the years of searching the internet creeping on my favorite mixers […]

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From the Stage to the Studio: How To Adapt Vocals For Recording

[Editors Note: This blog was written by Sabrina Bucknole. Sabrina has been singing in musical theater for over eight years, and wrote this as a deep dive into how live and theatrical singers can adapt their vocals for the studio and offers five practical tips for singers recording in the studio.]   Singers who have a lot of experience performing […]

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14 of the Most Commonly Confused Terms in Music and Audio

[Editors Note: This article was written by Brad Allen Williams and it originally appeared on the Flypaper Blog. Brad is a NYC-based guitarist, writer/composer, producer, and mixer.] Once upon a time, remixing a song meant actually redoing the mix. Many vintage consoles (some Neve 80-series, for example) have a button labeled “remix” that changes a few functions on the desk […]

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Music Streaming Platforms & Mastering – 3 Guiding Concepts

[Editors Note: This blog was written by Alex Sterling, an audio engineer and music producer based in New York City. He runs a commercial studio in Manhattan called Precision Sound where he provides recording, mixing, and mastering services.] Background: As an audio engineer and music producer I am constantly striving to help my clients music sound the best […]

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Slapback Delay – A Must Have On Vocals & Guitars

[Editors Note: This is blog was written by Scott Wiggins and it originally appeared on his site, The Recording Solution, which is dedicated to helping producers, engineers and artists make better music from their home studios.] Slapback delay is a very common effect on tons of hit records. It’s really easy to set up! When […]

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The Business of Making a Record (Part II)

[Editors Note: This is the second in a three-part series of guest articles from Coury Palermo. Over the next few months, he’ll break down what it means to grind it out and write, record, release and promote a DIY album early in your musical career. Coury is a songwriter, producer and musician who is currently one-half of duo love+war.] Read […]

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