4 Ways To Get A Better Recording

Video Interview with Jesse von Doom

By George Howard

Paul Kolderie is one of the best and most successful producer/engineers in the business. He’s worked with everyone from The Pixies to Radiohead. He’s run and owned studios and labels. Most importantly, even while achieving tremendous success, he’s never stopped working with young, developing artists.

In this video chat, I pick Paul’s brain to discover some key takeaways for artists who are attempting to make great recordings in the post-studio world.

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Gadgets We Like: GoChords Makes Writing Songs Easy With Its Web-Based Tool & App

GoChords was founded on the belief that you shouldn’t need to be able to read music in order to write it. This free tool, available as both a web-program and an app (for the iPhone, iPad, and Android) makes it easy for musicians of any level to compose music for whatever instrument they choose. All you need to know how to do is “drag-and-drop” chord symbols on top of the lyrics you’ve typed in. GoChords is stocked with a huge library of chord shapes, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you have the option of creating custom chord shapes.

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Gadgets We Like: MadPad App Creates Music From A Coffee Shop

Smule, the creators of social music apps like Magic Piano and Glee Karaoke have developed an app that lets you create a whole song from your bicycle, a can of soda, a book, or any other object or sound. MadPad, compatible on the iPhone ($0.99), iPad ($2.99), and iPod can turn any sight or sound into an instrument.

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SoundCheck Results: What Stage Is Your Music In When You Release It?

At what point in the process do you release your music? Check out the results from last week’s poll…

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Gadgets We Like: Voice Band App Lets You Make Music Using Just Your Voice

The Voice Band app from WaveMachine Labs lets you create songs complete with varying instruments, while using only your voice. Sound pretty cool? It is. You can use your voice to record up to 10 different instruments (guitars, bass, sax, synths, drums, and mic) separately with the app’s built-in recorder. All you need to do is select the instrument you’re recording, and then sing into the app’s recorder, thereby setting the pitch and beat for that instrument.

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Learn the Song Creation Process: Q&A w/ Glass Pear

by Jacqueline Rosokoff This week on COREnered, Glass Pear, the musical incarnation of singer-songwriter Yestyn Griffiths welcomes us into the studio. Born in Wales, Yestyn creates music with soaring melodies behind reflective lyrics, and as the younger brother of recording artist Jem, he proves that musical talent runs in the family. Read on to learn […]

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Video: DJ Scratch Techniques – Baby Scratch

In this clip DJ Shortee shows us the basics of how to scratch – what sounds to use, how to set up your scratch, and how to EQ your rig for scratching – and introduces the baby scratch.   Share Your Opinion – Win $100 to Guitar Center What do you think makes a great […]

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Intention – the Bolder Dimension of Songwriting

Wayne Cohen, veteran multi-platinum selling ASCAP hit songwriter, producer and educator, owner of publishing/production company Stand Up Songs. Wayne teaches individual and group songwriting tutoring sessions at his NYC Stand Up Studio and via Skype. One of my song tutoring students recently sang me a song she was working on called ‘Listen You’, which I […]

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The Benefits of Stripping Down Your Song Demos by Cliff Goldmacher

Cliff Goldmacher is a songwriter/engineer/producer/author and owner of recording studios in Nashville and New York City.  Download Cliff’s free e-book, “The Songwriter’s Guide To Recording Professional Demos” So You’ve Got A New Song Let’s begin at the beginning. You’ve written a song and, hopefully, you’re thrilled with it. So thrilled, in fact, that you want […]

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