TuneCore Artists Shatter Records: Over $300 Million in Artist Earnings

We’re not even halfway through 2013 and already TuneCore Artists have been breaking incredible records.  In the first 5 months of 2013, we’ve seen that artist earnings have grown by 20%, exceeding $300 million dollars since TuneCore launched in 2006.

We’ve also seen a 67% increase in TuneCore Artist downloads and streams, resulting in 3 billion (yes, billion!) units downloaded and streamed during this same period.

record_breaking_v5_orange 4

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Why You Need TuneCore Music Publishing Administration & ASCAP, BMI or SESAC

One of the most common questions we’re asked is: I’m already affiliated with ASCAP (or BMI or SESAC or SOCAN).  Do you replace them?  Do I need TuneCore Music Publishing Administration if I’m already affiliated with one of these Performing Rights Organizations?  

The short answer to that question is: YES, you need BOTH!

So let’s dig a little deeper and explain why you need both…

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TuneCore Announces Hiring of Creative for Music Publishing Administration

Peter Rogers Joins TuneCore Music Publishing Administration to Drive Synch Licensing Efforts.

TuneCore announced today the hiring of Peter Rogers to head its Music Publishing Administration in-house Creative. TuneCore Publishing Administration registers songwriter compositions with hundreds of global societies and digital stores, and then collects the revenue from the artists’ music downloads and streams in over 60 countries.

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iTunes Turns 10! We're Bringing Back Ringtone Credits to Celebrate.

iTunes hit the big 1-0 yesterday, and we want to celebrate.  TuneCore distributed its first album to iTunes back in 2006 (oh, how young we were!), One More Road for the Hit by Frank Black and The Catholics.   Since then, we’ve distributed over 2.6 million releases to iTunes.

Though iTunes started by selling singles and albums, they later added ringtones to the mix…

Get Your Ringtones on the iPhone through TuneCore

In celebration of iTunes’ 10th birthday,  we’re bringing back our ringtone credit multi-packs with special discount pricing for a limited time.  Ringtones are a great way to get your music heard by more listeners and grow your fan base.

Check out the special pricing:

ringtone chart_v3

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Don't Tell People You Are Broke

By Ari Herstand

The post below is from TuneCore Artist Ari Herstand. It originally appeared on Ari’s Take.

Musicians who know musicians know that most of them are always broke. Like Ramen broke. PB&J broke. Rice and beans BROKE.

You know who doesn’t know that musicians are broke? Non-musicians. And let’s keep it that way…

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New Daily iTunes Trend Reports: What They Are + 5 Ways to Use Them

You can now view your iTunes sales activity even faster after you distribute through TuneCore.  Introducing: New DAILY iTunes Trend Reports.

Trend reports show you unofficial sales data of your music on iTunes.  We’ve always offered iTunes trend reports, but  now they’re even better.

Here’s why:

  • The trend reports are now updated DAILY (instead of weekly).  Use the calendar function to view sales as recent as 1-2 days prior and as far back as 3 months.
  • You can now view the trend data of your ringtones.
  • We’ve visualized the data.  See your sales in dynamic graph form.  It’s not just a boring CSV file anymore.
  • View your sales by metro area and really narrow in on the cities where your fans live.
  • Our easy-to-use, web-based tool lets you sort your iTunes sales to your heart’s content, right on the screen.

Now you can use these daily iTunes trend reports to get a good sense of how your music is selling, just 24-48 hours after your release went live iTunes. We’ve included tips below on how you can use this information to help your marketing efforts…

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