How To Effectively Plan an Event – Networking, Performances, & Panels

Whether it’s a performance in a less-traditional venue, a networking gathering or an educational panel, get some tips on planning your next event!

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When to Reach Out for Help in Your Music Career

Subscribing to a DIY ethos doesn’t mean ignoring all opportunities to reach out for help! Patrick McGuire breaks down the times in your music career when it makes sense to connect with others for support.

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SEO For Musicians: 6 Ways To Promote Your Music

Search Engine Optimization. By now you’ve likely heard the acronym “SEO” thrown around when it comes to digital marketing. But did you know about the power of SEO for independent artists?

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Why Musicians Who Don’t Create Sustainable Lifestyles Quit Making Music

Moonshot goals can be incredible motivators for creatives, especially if a musician is young and charting out the course for their career. But what happens when, like most musicians, things don’t turn out exactly how you want after years of effort and sacrifice?

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5 Reasons to Offer Instrumentals

Ever think about releasing the instrumentals of your latest EP, album or single? Check out this article to learn why it might pay off for you!

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The Power of Musical Reinvention

How do you decide when or if it’s time to start over or go in a new direction musically? Contributor Patrick McGuire talks about creative risk-taking, blowing things up and what to consider along the way of musical reinvention.

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It’s Not Me, It’s You: How To Transfer Your Releases to TuneCore

Ready to ditch your distributor and move your releases to TuneCore? Keep 100% of your revenue once you follow these easy steps for transferring your releases and switching distributors!

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10 Ways for Musicians to Stay Healthy on the Road

[Editor’s Note: For a lot of us, January is the time to get healthy. Maybe that means taking the stairs instead of the elevator, replacing soda with water, or getting in a healthier frame of mind to tackle the demands of work. We see January as a great opportunity for artists to adopt some healthy practices to help themselves and their businesses for the rest of the year. Erin Schrode, ecoRenaissance woman and co-founder of Teens Turning Green, has some great tips for the touring musician that will keep both you, and the environment, healthy while you’re on the road.]

By Erin Schrode, Green Guru & Co-Founder of Teens Turning Green

Our body is our temple. And for singers and performers, this is of the utmost importance; your bodies are quite literally your instruments. A life of performing and touring tests both physical and emotional limits—intense days require peak energy and form, while endless travel doesn’t allow for proper rest and recuperation. So wellness is paramount! These ten top actions and eco friendly tools will help you to be proactive and achieve optimal health on-the-go…

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