Wednesday Video Diversion: March 7, 2018

Happy Wednesday! We’re back with another midweek pick-you-up round of TuneCore Artist music videos. Fun fact:on this day, the very first hip hop record made it to #1 on the U.S. charts in 1987! It was the Beastie Boys’ debut, License To Ill – an important part of hip hop history as the genre continued to push its way into the mainstream. Not to mention just an overall stellar LP. With that in your pocket, please enjoy these wonderful videos:


Saint Cassius, “Take A Knee”

Gazirovka, “Black”

Dru Muzik, “Rubik’s Cube”

Kemba, “Already”

Simon Grossman, “Aguitaecoco (feat. Luz Pinos)”

Adam Ostrar, “Spare Me”

Jackie Mendoza, “Closer”

Daggy Man, “Suffer Through The Bleed”

Wednesday Video Diversion: December 6, 2017

Happy Wednesday once more, readers and music video lovers. Today we’re celebrating “Underrated Drummers Month” and wishing Rick Buckler, drummer of British trio The Jam, a happy 62nd birthday! Who are The Jam? Only one of the finest rock outfits to come out of the 1977-82 UK punk/Brit-pop era, (if you ask this editor, anyhow). If you’re less familiar, dive into The Jam’s wonderful discography AFTER you enjoy these wonderful TuneCore Artist videos.

$uicideBoy$, “Face It”

Foggieraw, “U Can’t Be My Baby (feat. DJ Yung Vamp)”

Cuban Da Savage, “Let It Blow (feat. Molly Brazy)”

Michael Christmas, “Not The Only One (feat. Tobi Lou)”

DREAMDOLL, “Everything Nice”

Bill $aber, “Creepin N Kurkin”

Corey Finesse, “No Suburban Remix (feat. Sheff G)”

Francois van Coke, “Die Wereld is Mal”

Sun El-Musican, “Akanamali (feat. Samthing Soweto)”

Sketchy Bongo, “Let You Know (feat. Shekhinah”)

New Music Friday: November 17, 2017

TuneCore Artists are releasing tons of new music every day. Each week we check out the new TuneCore releases and choose a few at random to feature on the blog.

Is your hit next?

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Blow The Breeze

Pulling Leaves Off Trees


Ask For Love
Joe Peoraro

Electronic, Jazz

Doin’ Just Fine
Sarah Ross



Alternative, R&B/Soul

Say You Won’t Let Go
Andy Suzuki & the Method

R&B/Soul, Pop

The Program

Hip Hop/Rap

Karina Paisan


Under The Covers, Vol. 1
Josh Kelley

Singer/Songwriter, Country

Alls In In Sync, and There’s Nothing Left To Sing About
Ghost Atlas

Rock, Alternative

All This Time (feat. Anijah)
Hip Hop/Rap, Soundtrack

Less Wise (Modified Reissue 2017)
Cody Jinks


I’ll Be Home For Christmas
Joy Williams

Holiday, Singer/Songwriter

I Think I Love You
The Suffers

R&B/Soul, Pop

3 AM

Hip Hop/Rap

Uptown Zoo


Hip Hop/Rap

Like Daggers

Alternative, Pop

Cold War (IAMNOBODI Remix)
Cautious Clay

R&B/Soul, Alternative

Wednesday Video Diversion: September 27, 2017

It’s Wednesday once again, and we’re hear to entertain and distract with a new round-up of TuneCore Artist music videos. We’ve also thrown in a bonus video below, in an effort to commemorate The Beach Boys’ September 27, 1964 TV debut on the Ed Sullivan Show! They performed “I Get Around” and (one of this editor’s favorites) “Wendy”.

Young Nudy, “Sweep”

$uicideBoy$, “I Hung Myself For a Persona, Now I’m Up To My Neck With Offers”

Annella, “Perfume”

Abby Anderson, “Daddy”

JoshX, “Heaven On My Mind (feat. Cardi B)”

Block McCloud, “The Pilgrim (feat. Fresh Jones)”

The Raj Gxd, “MYFB”

Hood Celebrityy, “Island Girls (feat. Cards B, Josh X & Young Chow)”


Lady Diamond & the Ruff Rubies, “You Better Leap”

Wednesday Video Diversion: April 26, 2017

Happy Wednesday, everyone. In this week’s dose of weird music history, on this day in 1982, our main man Rod Stewart got jacked for his $50,000 Porsche by a gunman – midday, while out shopping, mind you – on Hollywood Boulevard. Ah the 80s. In the theme of getting all shook up midday, please allow us to bring you this dose of afternoon distraction courtesy of some very talented and entertaining TuneCore Artists!


Tayong, “Frustrated”

Freedom Fry, “Wild Child”

Ally Ryan, “Wasted”

Bubbles Erotica, “Cicada Arcade”

Ava Raiin, “Eagle Eye”

Gmcfosho, “Miss My Ni”

Jelly Roll, “Roll Me Up”

Mila Jam, “Faces”

Jimmy Wopo, “Elm Street 2”

Kash Doll, “For Everybody”

New Store Alert: Boomplay Music

Here at TuneCore, we’re always on the move to offer independent artists with as many outlets by which to reach fans as possible. That’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership with Boomplay Music, a streaming and download platform serving music fans in pan-Africa and African diaspora markets.

Boomplay Music – an app developed by TECNO MOBILE LIMITED – aims to deliver the best African and International music while also “building a sustainable digital music ecosystem for African artists.” With seven million users and a growth rate of over 700,000 new users per month, the platform seems to be doing just that!

As a global digital music distributor, TuneCore allows artists in all territories to take advantage of the major growth in streaming and discovery occurring all over the world and well outside their markets. Just because you aren’t touring in African countries (…yet), you can still make your releases available for music fans there to enjoy. By distributing your upcoming or existing singles, EPs, and albums to Boomplay Music, you’re able to enjoy a wider potential reach in an ever-expanding market.

With the Boomplay Music app, music lovers can do the following:

  • Download music,
  • Subscribe for unlimited music,
  • Listen to their favorite songs,
  • Watch videos on the go,
  • Curate personal playlists,
  • Follow, engage and interact with fellow users,

Ready to get started getting your music available on Boomplay Music?

If you’re a TuneCore Artist with active releases and you’d like to send those to this new platform, head over to your Store Manager and select Boomplay Music today.

If you’re distributing your music using TuneCore for the first time, you’ll now be able to select Boomplay Music as a digital outlet and expand the global reach of your new release.

Learn more about the benefits of distributing your music to Boomplay Music here. For any questions about distributing your upcoming releases, get in touch with our Artist Suppot team.