Get Out of Your House & Into Theirs – Booking a House Concert Tour

By Mikey Wax

Hey TuneCore friends – My name is Mikey Wax, and I’m a singer/songwriter from Long Island, NY. I’ve released two full length albums, and have been successfully touring for the past few years. After releasing my first album at the end of ’08, I built a small but promising fan base through word-of-mouth on social media sites. From that, I was able to sign with a small booking agency at the time who got me on a couple tours, but the relationship wasn’t right and soon parted ways. That’s when I was forced to think outside-the-box and find other ways to gain more fans.  It turns out that losing my agent was actually one of the best things for moving my career forward, as it was then that I came up with the idea of booking house concerts…

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Sync & Master Licensing: How We're Pitching Your Compositions

By Pete Rogers
Creative, TuneCore Music Publishing Administration

As the music industry continues to evolve, synch licensing has become an increasingly vital revenue stream for musicians.  For this reason, we’re now making your administered compositions available to music supervisors for worldwide licensing opportunities (if the recording of the composition is also distributed by TuneCore).  The newly created Synch website lets supervisors and executives search by artist, genre, keyword and iTunes sales rank on a private, invite-only basis…

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TuneCore Artists Shatter Records: Over $300 Million in Artist Earnings

We’re not even halfway through 2013 and already TuneCore Artists have been breaking incredible records.  In the first 5 months of 2013, we’ve seen that artist earnings have grown by 20%, exceeding $300 million dollars since TuneCore launched in 2006.

We’ve also seen a 67% increase in TuneCore Artist downloads and streams, resulting in 3 billion (yes, billion!) units downloaded and streamed during this same period.

record_breaking_v5_orange 4

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Refer-A-Friend: Earn Cash by Telling Your Friends About TuneCore

So many TuneCore Artists enthusiastically recommend TuneCore to their friends, so wanted to thank them (you!) with rewards for musician referrals.

Introducing: Refer-A-Friend. It’s our new program that gives you cash rewards when you tell your friends about TuneCore. Sounds good, right? Here’s how it works…

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Social Media Isn't a Megaphone, it's a Place to Create a Conversation

We asked a few artists, managers, and others in the independent music industry space how they’re using social media, and what tips they could give independent artists looking to grow their social channels.  This week, the team from digital marketing company Sneak Attack Media lets us in on some tips when it comes to marketing your music online…

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TuneCore Announces Hiring of Creative for Music Publishing Administration

Peter Rogers Joins TuneCore Music Publishing Administration to Drive Synch Licensing Efforts.

TuneCore announced today the hiring of Peter Rogers to head its Music Publishing Administration in-house Creative. TuneCore Publishing Administration registers songwriter compositions with hundreds of global societies and digital stores, and then collects the revenue from the artists’ music downloads and streams in over 60 countries.

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