TuneCore Launches Service That Helps Artists Collect Their YouTube Sound Recording Revenue

Now all TuneCore Artists can make money from YouTube!

Our artists can earn money when their sound recordings are used anywhere on YouTube. They can earn money when other people use their sound recordings in their videos. They also earn money from the sound recordings on their own videos. If their sound recording is being used on YouTube, it’s generating revenue.

Getting a hold of that money can be tough. It requires training, knowing how to navigate YouTube’s Content Management system and experience handling rights disputes.

But, if you’re a TuneCore Artist, our TuneCore’s new service can collect this sound recording revenue (monetize) for you, and do all the work. That means, our artists can spend more quality time creating their best music and not chasing money. And, when they get their monthly revenue payment, they can use it to finance their next release.

This is how it works:

* Artists choose which tracks they want to collect money on (monetize).
* Artists include or exclude (whitelist) their own YouTube Channel.
* TuneCore submits eligible tracks to YouTube.
* YouTube Content ID system identifies artists’ sound recordings & revenue.
* TuneCore collects the revenue from YouTube.
* TuneCore deposits money directly in artists’ TuneCore Accounts—monthly.
* Artists pay a one-time setup fee of $10 & keep 80% of collected revenue!
* Setup fee covers all the artists’ current and future sound recordings.

At TuneCore, we’re constantly trying to make our indie artists’ lives easier. We’re always looking for new ways to help them collect the money they deserve for sharing their music all over the world. We’re here to support our TuneCore artists.

We answer all our artists’ YouTube questions:

– How much money can you make on YouTube?
– What tracks are eligible or ineligible for this service?
– Will “buy” links be placed below the videos?
– What qualifies as a “sound recording”?
– What types of ads can appear on videos?

Those are smart questions we answer real fast. Click here.

We want our artists to keep writing the great music people want to hear in YouTube videos. In turn, TuneCore’s new service will find and collect their sound recordings revenue for them.

If you’re a TuneCore Artist, and your sound recordings are being used on videos on YouTube, you’re earning money.

Take the money. It’s yours. We’ll make sure you get it!

5 Ways Research Can Help You Connect with Your Fans

[Editor’s Note: We work with SoundOut to offer our artists insights and analytics with TuneCore Fan Reviews reports. Check out this post from SoundOut’s CEO and Founder, which describes how music research with fans can complement your music creation and marketing efforts.]

David Courtier-Dutton is the CEO and Founder of SoundOut, the market leading research and audience insight tool for new music that guarantees accurate and objective insight into your music, 100% powered by real music fans.

Can musical integrity and research make music together?

Why not?

There’s no reason why you can’t retain your artistic integrity, while also using music research to ensure you are targeting the right audience. Your music is a creative product and you want to spend as much time creating as possible – and as little time marketing to people who are not interested in it as possible. Research does not interfere with your creativity, it simply tells you where your market is and what kind of people will most likely appreciate and connect with your music. This enables you to consistently market to the right people who are predisposed to becoming your long-term fans.

Using research is simply a smart thing to do, yet historically good research cost thousands of dollars. However the power of SoundOut, the market-leading research company that works closely with all the major labels, CBS radio and many of the largest and most successful artists in the world, is now available to you via TuneCore Track Smarts reports at a cost effective price.

overall TS

There are multiple ways that Track Smarts can help your career, and we’ve compiled a quick summary of the most powerful ones:

1. Know your market

You might be thinking “I already know this one,” but without testing and marketing your music extensively in every different market in the world, how do you really know? Do you have enough fans to test all markets thoroughly? You can identify your target demographic by ordering a Premium Track Smarts report, where you’ll get a full breakdown of how your track resonates with 16-24s and 25-34s, both overall and specifically in your genre. This should help you identify the listeners who will be most responsive and receptive.

2. Listen to your audience

Reading your reviews on YouTube might help you to a point, but generally those people aren’t there to be constructive and comments are often bland, meaningless or unhelpful. The reviews you receive in your Track Smarts reports will be of high quality written by a range of consumers. Some know a lot, some don’t know much, but they all have something in common; they are all music fans and represent the people who will be buying your music. You may not agree with a lot of what they say, but you will quickly get a feel for what they like and don’t like about your music. Listen to what they have to say, however brutal!

comments TS

3. Market potential

We regard the overall market potential as being the most important feature of a Track Smarts report.   Our market potential ratings are generated by comparing your track against tens of thousands of others we have tested before – this will give you an idea of how your tracks sit commercially. If you use the Premium Track Smarts report, you also receive ‘In Genre’ market potential ratings, which indicate how your track compares to thousands of others within your particular genre. On top of this, you can conduct comparative analysis across several tracks, to help you identify which songs you should be pushing as singles.

4. Song Element Analysis

Asking your friends and family their opinion on your music is helpful, but they may hesitate to be completely honest, particularly on those elements of your music that may need some work (unless you really are better than Adele!). The Song Element Analysis section of your Track Smarts report will give you a breakdown of the different components of your track and how positive/negative the reviewers were about each specific part. It could help you identify which elements of the tracks you can improve on, or put your mind at ease about something you are not 100% sure about.

5. Opportunities

In addition to all the fantastic data and feedback you receive on your tracks, there are also a number of opportunities you could be eligible for.

A strong Track Smarts report opens up a number of commercial doors for you. We provide research to major record labels and have high-level label and radio contacts in the US who trust the data they receive from SoundOut. It is no surprise that these labels love receiving information about up-and-coming artists, certified by SoundOut/Track Smarts scores.  If one of your songs rates highly enough on SoundOut/Track Smarts, it is eligible to be evaluated for submission for radio play and/or be sent to senior record label execs at one of our partner labels.

tack position TS

Research improves your understanding of your art, helps you to be the best you can be and connects you with as many new fans as possible.

Your creativity and research can make great music together.

New Music Tuesday: Aug. 13, 2013

TuneCore Artists are releasing tons of new music every day. Each week we check out the new TuneCore releases and choose a few at random to feature on the blog.

Is your hit next?

YingYangMiley Cyrus (feat. Rhythm)
Ying Yang Twins
Hip Hop/Rap

Hoodie Allen
Hip Hop/Rap

DirtySouthUntil the End
Dirty South


Stirred, Not Shaken
Lauren Ashley


Day at the Beach
Atlantic Thrills


Sunday Girl


Call Your Friends


Girl Next Door

TuneCore's '25 Songs of Summer 2013' Compilations Now on Amazon

Last month, TuneCore Artists of all genres submitted their new music for our 25 Songs of Summer 2013 compilation album.  After an incredible response from our artists, we created two volumes of the compilation to showcase more new music.

Both volumes are now live on Amazon MP3 U.S. for free download, so take a listen and discover some new independent artists:


25 Songs of Summer 2013: A TuneCore Artist Compilation Vol. 1

Colors of Summer Rookie of the Year
Sunset Blvd Lancifer 
Guy I Don’t Know Caylin Walsingham 
Uptown Boys Netherfriends 
Show Me Something Audrey Rose 
Searchin’ Solar Heist 
Tout Tourne Intended Immigration 
Sundress Landon Austin
Sunday Girl Aprilemade 
Little Green Honda Tyson Leslie 
Wait for the Summer Shake Some Action! 
Ufos She’s Alive 
Last Night Almost Sunday 
Don’t Leave Me Burning Tyler Barham
Tastes Like Summer Dylan Jakobsen 
Muscle Shoals Music Man Tremayne 
Blues Del Camino Brok 
Ella Luis Terreros 
One More Try Lauren Mayhew
Just Can’t Get Enough Gedina 
Love Fever  Elyse and the Aftermath 
You’re All There We Were Indians 
Northern Rigoletto 
Manchester Prospect Hill
The Rising Sun ÆTHR 

 25 Songs of Summer 2013: A TuneCore Artist Compilation Vol. 2

I Be Gunnin (Yoon Yoon) Foolish 
Los Angeles Memoir 
Friendzone JoJo 
Summertime Isaac Lewis
Light up the Sky Tha Bizniz 
Marvelous kevlar
Remember Od 
Return of Rap (feat. KingPen the DonDada) G.a.B 
Erryday Millionaireswag 
Summer Rain Mello Deas 
Praise Break Sheldon Brown & Fresh Wind 
You Can’t Run from the Sun TheSoulofDaniel 
I Love the Summer The Ill 
Relaxing Lounge Unionsteve
Unstoppable Superhuman 
Issues (feat. Kim Olsen & Zahidah) Mark Bonafide 
Candles in the Rain Cash Campain 
Ooo La La Ajia Clark 
Good 4 Ya (feat. Deja Bryson & Dahliam) Six Fif
Meet & Greet Party (feat. Rock) Playa Keezy
Photo Shoot – 2:15 Sudan 
100 100’s Arcy Babypar 
For the Summer Jacey Jasnoch 
Ready to Ride (feat. Lance Wilson) Alex Sheridan
Rescue Me (feat. Occupation Unknown) Beatfiendz

#TCVideoFridays – August 9th 2013

Feel like watching some music videos from indie artists?  Great! Here are 10 TuneCore Artist videos to kick off your weekend…

Attic Wolves, “The Balladeer”

Ruby Jane, “Wake Up”

Ryan Darton, “Sing to Me Baby”

EverSay, “This Time”

Annie Becker, “Beez Neez”

Phebe Starr, “Jurassica”

Dexter’s Kin, “Spill Out the Lies”

Jeff LeBlanc, “What Do You Got to Lose”

Prospect Hill, “Come Alive”

TwentyForSeven, “All I Ever Wanted”

Do you have a video of a song you distributed through TuneCore? Tag us on Twitter (@TuneCore) and use the hashtag #TCVideoFridays with a link to your video.

New Music Tuesday: August 6, 2013

TuneCore Artists are releasing tons of new music every day. Each week we check out the new TuneCore releases and choose a few at random to feature on the blog.

Is your hit next?


Raise It Up
Distant Cousins


Lick My Wounds
Ron Pope


Pretty Fine Dream
Jake Coco

Cryptic Wisdom
Hip Hop/Rap


Time of Our Lives
What About Tonight

Hidden Gems
Various Artists


Alexandra Lee
Alexandra Lee

Native Air (Deluxe Edition)
Lowland Hum


Stay With Me
Skyhawk Drive