How To Get Your Audio Files Ready for Distribution

By Jacqueline Rosokoff

Not too long ago we were on a formatting kick.  We went over how to correctly enter your release information, and then we covered artwork, so now we’re talking audio, arguably your most important distribution asset.

Stay with us as we tackle everything audio. Continue reading “How To Get Your Audio Files Ready for Distribution”

How Your SoundCloud Upload + Digital Distribution Can Work Together

Op-Ed piece by Kevin Cornell

If your music is only available on SoundCloud, you should see iTunes, Spotify, and Deezer as parallel avenues of promotion for your latest projects. If you’ve distributed to these stores and haven’t uploaded to SoundCloud yet, now’s the time to jump on it.

Think of it like you would think of your social media strategy: you’ve got a lot of competition, and the wider net you cast, the more opportunity you have to connect with and engage fans – whether they’ve been there since day one or they’ve recently discovered your tunes.

You hear us talking about ‘household name’ streaming platforms and online music stores all the time, from Deezer and Spotify to iTunes and Amazon Music. It’s only natural – we’re proud to help indie artists of all genres get their music out to 150+ digital partners. Continue reading “How Your SoundCloud Upload + Digital Distribution Can Work Together”

First Steps in Email Marketing For Indie Artists

[Editors Note: This is a guest blog courtesy of Amanda Krebs (follow her on Twitter!), Client Services Community Manager at FanBridge. Email marketing is an oft-overlooked element of connecting with fans, so take note!]

Email marketing can be a difficult tool to grasp in the beginning, but once you harness it, it can be a big part of how you monetize your music!  With such a big undertaking, it can be hard to know where to begin, and there are a lot of routes you can take in the process.

Here’s a few guidelines for musicians to follow as they start building their email list and sending newsletters to fans: Continue reading “First Steps in Email Marketing For Indie Artists”

7 Facts About Pre-Orders on iTunes

By Dwight Brown, TuneCore Writer

You’re on the tail end of writing, composing, arranging and recording. Now is the perfect time to get the good word out that, “New music is coming!”

iTunes “pre-orders” do the trick. They help you start a buzz and promote your work. And creating them is easier than you think. If you can play the guitar and sing at the same time, rap and dance simultaneously, beat a drum and check your email then you can create music and promote it with a pre-order too.

1. What’s an iTunes pre-order?

A pre-order is when you make your album, single or EP available for sale on iTunes before your official release date.

2. How do you tell your fans they can do an iTunes pre-order?

You can jump-start the buzz on your new music by sending your fans a link to iTunes where they’ll be able to pre-purchase your new release. Or they’ll see it when they check your iTunes profile. Continue reading “7 Facts About Pre-Orders on iTunes”

Sync & Master Licensing: How We’re Pitching Your Compositions

By Pete Rogers
Creative, TuneCore Music Publishing Administration

As the music industry continues to evolve, sync licensing has become an increasingly vital revenue stream for musicians.  For this reason, we’re now making your administered compositions available to Music Supervisors for worldwide licensing opportunities (if the recording of the composition is also distributed by TuneCore).  The newly created Sync & Master Licensing Database lets Music Supervisors and executives search by artist, genre, keyword and iTunes sales rank on a private, invite-only basis.

In addition to the TuneCore Sync & Master Licensing Database, our in-house Creative Team actively searches for compositions that have potential for all types of sync uses across all multi-media including film, TV shows, commercials, video games and more, and presents them via playlists and specific submissions to Music Supervisors.  Rest assured that these playlists, along with monthly newsletters and personal communication from our Creative Team, will get your music heard by the most influential tastemakers in the business.  Once a composition is chosen for a project, the TuneCore licensing staff negotiates the rights and fees to make sure your copyright is licensed legally and for the best possible terms. Continue reading “Sync & Master Licensing: How We’re Pitching Your Compositions”

Interview: Luke Rathborne Discusses Founding His Own Label & More

Rathborne (aka Luke Rathborne) has been writing and recording music since he was 17. He packed up his things, migrated from Northern Maine to New York City, and wound up working under a famed Tin Pan Alley producer for a short period of time.

With an affinity for hip hop,  R&B as well as pioneers like the Velvet Underground (and everything between), Rathborne’s indie rock is tinged with influences of all sorts. He’s received critical praise from the likes of Rolling Stone, SPIN, Q Magazine, BBC 6 Music, The Guardian, and VICE, who explained Rathborne’s sound as “laid-back, confident new wave-meets-classic rock cut containing just the right amount of Nick Lowe and early R.E.M.

We’re proud to say that Rathborne has been using TuneCore for over five years to distribute his music. He’s got a true DIY mind state, which likely contributed to the start of his own label, True Believer. We talked to Luke about his influences, the state of the music industry, and his upcoming single, “Losing It“, which drops tomorrow on iTunes! He’s got plenty to say, and can serve as an educational figure of sorts for indie artists on the start of their own musical journeys: Continue reading “Interview: Luke Rathborne Discusses Founding His Own Label & More”