The Don’ts of Building an EPK

[Editors Note: This article is part two of the series, “The Do’s and Dont’s of Building an EPK by Hugh McIntyre. Be sure to read part one here.] When you’re creating your EPK (electronic press kit, for those not familiar with the acronym), or any promotional materials, for that matter, there are a lot of […]

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The Dos of Making Your EPK

[Editors Note: this article was written by Hugh McIntyre– stay tuned for part two, “The Don’ts of Making Your EPK”.] Some musicians feel that in 2020, an EPK (electronic press kit) is unnecessary…but for the most part, they’re incorrect. Sure, your fans and those in the industry can usually find most of the information they […]

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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Building an EPK

By Tyler Allen EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is from October 2016 – the author provided a fantastic UPDATED version of it in September 2019, full of helpful new info! Head over here to read it! The electronic press kit – or EPK … (or just called a “press kit”, because they’re all “electronic” in 2016) […]

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